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Shiny and New.

You know how sometimes you want a haircut, or a new watch, or to paint the front door of your house bright pink because you can’t stand how everything has looked the same for so freaking long kind of thing?  The blog had become that for me.  And I wanted a new, bright pink front door.  Or, in bloggy-terms, I wanted a new site to pepper with content, one that didn’t require so much coding-by-hand and served as a better, brighter house for my nonsense.

So welcome to it!  My new home at Six Until Me – now with more white space.  And (hopefully) less muddled coding.  The posts from the last eight years (starting with Blogspot and moving into the Movable Type Age) are still available in the archives, and you can search for previously posted content there, but all new posts will live here.  I hope.  Unless I accidentally hit the wrong button somewhere during the content migration and the whole thing goes to crap.

Over the next week or two, there will be a few hiccups as the migration to new servers and [insert things I don’t understand about DNS and file routing and … stuff], but overall, I’m hoping for a smooth transition without me throwing-too-many-plates-in-a-fit-of-frustration.  Because the plates never go as far as I want and I end up frustrated because I throw poorly.

Digression over.  Welcome to my new digs.

But there will always be alt text.  ALT TEXT ... YARGH!!!!!


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  1. very nice! subtle. i was all “where’s the pink part?” then i caught on to the metaphor there.

    05/21/13; 12:28 pm
  2. Tracy #

    Love it! Nice, clean, change! (But I DO miss seeing your face!)

    05/21/13; 12:37 pm
    • I have a few things left to add, and maybe I’ll pin my dome back up on the sidebar somewhere. 🙂

      05/21/13; 1:43 pm
  3. LOVE the new look! I am throwing plates in fits of frustration myself just trying to get my blog to look the way I want it from the get-go. I have a bad habit of never reading instructions, so learning WordPress just by messing around with it is proving to be more challenging than I’d hoped. Fingers crossed you work out all the techno gremlins and nothing gets broken with the new digs!!

    05/21/13; 1:40 pm
    • Dude, if I can help at all, please let me know. I did okay with the CSS stuff, but it’s been server migration that’s making my head fuzz up (thankfully, the team that hosts my URL is comprised of mostly magicians). If you need help making it “look” a certain way, hit me up!

      05/21/13; 1:45 pm
  4. I’m always a fan of less clutter (though my house would say otherwise). Very nice! Cuts to the heart of the content.

    I agree with Tracy though. Where’s your pretty face?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the button with Birdy’s face. EEEEEEEEK!

    05/21/13; 1:43 pm
  5. Welcome Home.

    05/21/13; 2:51 pm
  6. I {HEART} the new look! 🙂

    05/21/13; 3:22 pm
  7. Michelle Rago #

    I love the new look! However, my first thought was that you were going to write, “You know how you look foward to a new haircut or something new at home? Well, when you have diabetes, you get just as excited over a new pump. I got a new pump today!”

    Better looking blog may trump new pump!

    05/21/13; 5:12 pm
  8. dude! looks great. i am doing the same thing in a few weeks with chronicbabe! archiving my old pieces, too. i am happy to see how you’re making this work. yay! xo

    05/21/13; 5:42 pm
  9. I like it, well done.

    05/21/13; 7:10 pm
  10. Steve Pasetti #

    Nice design! WordPress is a great platform.

    05/21/13; 8:47 pm
  11. Carly #

    Looks good! Lots of breathing room (visually), very serene!

    05/21/13; 9:11 pm
  12. Laddie #

    I’m in the process of starting a blog and yours is one of several that I refer to as I try to make decisions on my layout, etc. Now you’re all new and that gives me more things to consider. WordPress is harder than I anticipated, but every day I figure out something new. Welcome to your new home!

    05/21/13; 9:39 pm
  13. Walter #

    Cool. I like this new look. Crisp. I miss your face up top as well, and I do like seeing time stamps next to the date with replies (so I know how late I am replying). I too am considering doing some kind of blog type thing. Forty years as a T1D with MDI might help me bring something to the DOC. Thanks so much for all you’ve posted.

    05/22/13; 1:16 am
    • I just added the timestamp next to the comments – thanks for mentioning that change! I agree – I like seeing the “when” of comments. 🙂 And I’d love to read any blog you wrote. Email me if you’d be interested in guest posting here?

      05/22/13; 2:04 am
      • I love your blog posts Kerri, every one! Thanks for doing this for all of us.

        I’m now 37 years into living with T1D and also on MDI, so I’d love to read another’s experience of this! I think about doing a diabetes blog too, but have 2 other blogs, so I’m not sure I’d have time to keep up with it, but perhaps one of these days!

        05/23/13; 9:47 pm

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