(That has to be one of the goofiest subject lines I’ve had in the last few … evers.)

A few days ago, I received an email from a fellow T1 PWD who has been living with diabetes several decades … but hadn’t ever had a pedicure in her whole life.

And I replied:  “Neither have I.”

There were several crutons of information thrown at my family and I upon my diagnosis almost 25 years ago (“Don’t even think about getting pregnant” and “Pedicures will cause massive infections so none of that, either” being repeat offense croutons), and getting a manicure or a pedicure was always marked as a no-way back in the day.  However, times are doing their “changin'” thing.  

From what I’ve been told, the risk is a possible infection.  With all that filing and scraping and whatever else they do while they grapple with your toes, there’s a chance of a foot wound.  And then an infection.  And all hell can break loose.

Or so the rumors go.

Personally, I’ve never cared about a manicure of any kind.  I don’t know if there is a manicure “type,” but if there is, I’m not that girl.  I don’t like nail polish on my fingernails.  I don’t like nails any longer than my nailbed.  I’m a writer, the mother of a young child, and I do a lot of housework, so my hands aren’t for “show.”  They’re for work, and I beat them senseless on a daily basis.  

As far as a pedicure goes, I paint my toenails all the time.  (Right now, they’re a lovely rose color.)  But I do it myself, and I file my nails with a basic emery board.  I have one of those As Seen On TV! PedEggs and I use it when the hot beach sand and my flip flops take their toll on my heels.  But for the most part, my beauty regimen from the ankles down is simple.  So long as my feet look nice, I’m happy.

Because secretly (shhhh, don’t tell anyone, okay?), I’m a little scared of a pedicure.  It’s on that BIG LIST of things PWD ARE NEVER TO DO and it’s always highlighted in the scary chapters of diabetes books.  But is that fear legit?  Are nail salons brimming with germs and grossness, and do the nail technicians come at you with giant buzzsaws o’ destruction? Or is it a judgment call that people with diabetes need to make on their own?

Has anyone with diabetes had a pedicure and survived to tell the tale?  What are the dos and OMG-don’ts of getting your mani-pedi on?  (And be honest:  does it tickle as much as I think it does?)