Oh, the diabetes interwebs have some things to share … so here’s a few I wanted to make sure I passed on to you guys.

Over the weekend, I saw a sneak peek of the final Making Sense of Diabetes video, brought to us by the Diabetes Hands Foundation.  (But for Gina and I, in the hotel lobby, it was bought to us by Manny and his laptop.)  I have to admit – and these aren’t the pregnancy hormones talking – this video brought me to tears.  Not necessarily because it’s depressing, but more because it’s inspiring.  The people featured in this video are people with diabetes, and they’re sharing the intimate details of what their life is like.  I’ll admit it, I cried a little.  And Manny and Gina hugged me.  (Whoa, holy digression but bear with me, I’m an emotional mess this morning.  But the point is:  I needed a hug after watching that.)  Enough chatter:  Watch this video.  You’ll find inspiration, even if you aren’t looking for it.

Also, last night I had the chance to “hang out” with Chris from A Consequence of Hypoglycemia on his podcast, Just Talking.  Admittedly, I thought it would be tough to fill an hour with “just talking,” but Chris (iam_spartacus) is cool and keeps the conversation flowing, despite the fact that we’ve never actually spoken before.  It’s an hour’s worth of random chatter (including some sound-effect editing over the less than desirable language), touching upon diabetes-centric stuff, the Red Sox/Yankees battle that wages in my own home, #voltron, BSparl, Buried, stupid Siah, and my grandmother’s obsession with Orville Redenbacher. (Please excuse the phone that keeps ringing in the background.  It was making me NUTS.)

And Elizabeth Edelman (from Diabetes Daily) has created a diabetes cookbook just in time for the holidays.  It’s called Thanksgiving with Diabetes: 17 Lower Carb Recipes Your Family Will Love and it is AWESOME.  The recipes look delicious, the photos are gorgeous, and Elizabeth Edelman is a staple of our diabetes community, so please visit Diabetes Daily and check out this fantastic endeavor.  

That’s all I’ve got.  I’m out!