A few days ago, I noticed a hairline fracture in my insulin pump, starting right underneath the “Esc” button and stemming down into the insulin reservoir window.

Cracked insulin pump

And the day after I noticed it, the crack spidered out just a teeny bit more.  It’s weird – I am actually able to look at this crack and think, “Wow, how did that happen,” forgetting that the insulin pump is attached to me, literally, twenty-four hours a day.  I could have banged into a door jam (not that I ever do that – nope, not me), dropped the pump on the floor, jostled it against a bag or a package, or, for all I know, Siah could have gone at the thing with a hammer.  No telling how this little pump ended up wounded.

I called the Minimed customer service line and pleaded my case.  Thankfully, since my pump is under warranty until 2011, they said they’d overnight a new pump my way.  

“It’s a refurbished model,” the slightly sleepy-sounding service rep told me, and I could hear her fingers tapping against her computer keyboard as she typed up our discussion.

“Not a problem.  I’ve had one once before.”  

I’m all for recycling, and I also believe in the value of “certified, pre-owned” merchandise.  But I thought about the places that this pump has been with me.  This one insulin pump was built into my wedding dress, traveled to Spain and visited a movie set with me, and has been a part of my first pregnancy.  It comes to bed with me every night and it has been tucked close against my body for countless hours at a time.  

Kind of intimate for a machine, eh?

DRI's Diabetes 2.0 conference

I can’t help but wonder where this refurbished pump has been.  Is it from across the country, maybe a California pump?  Has it ever experienced a freezing cold New England winter?  Has it ever been with a woman before?   Can it tolerate my stupid cats?  (Can it survive awkward me?)  

The new pump is scheduled to arrive in about an hour, just in time for me to swap out my old pump before heading to Florida for the DRI’s Diabetes 2.0 conference.  And I’ll send the old one back to be refurbished and distributed to another clumsy PWD.  

Thanks for the quick turnaround, Minimed!  I’m off to Florida!

UPDATE:  Just kidding.  Minimed missed the overnight and now the pump is arriving tomorrow.  But I won’t be able to access it until I return on Sunday afternoon.  Here’s hoping this cracked pump can make it until then.  Minimed – FAIL.