Sorry for being totally MIA, but I’m in Las Vegas for BLOGWORLDEXPO and these have been long days for this jet-lagged time traveler.  The time change and the baby are making me face-plant exhausted, totally neglecting my blog.

But I wanted to check in to say thank you for all of your love and support about our baby.  Chris and I have been reading the comments together and are touched by your words.  So thank you, and we’re really excited to share this next part of our lives with you.  

More on Monday – about the pirate ships that battled below our windows, or the mountains that loom in the background behind the strip, or the BlogWorldExpo conference itself, or the fact that I can’t take xanax to fly anymore due to BabySparl and how fun that is (/sarcasm), or some feedback on the rebels of the medical blogosphere.  There’s been a lot going on, and once I’m back on the east coast, I’ll fill you in.  And post incriminating photos.  🙂

See you Monday!