1.  It’s official:  I’m being stalked by Madonna’s “Lucky Star.”  Chris taunted me last weekend by waking me up with a falsetto, early-morning “You must be my lucky star!”  This was accompanied by several dance moves and some grins.  And ever since, I’ve heard this song as the first radio song my alarm blasts out, playing as I shopped at CVS, trilling to me on my commute home, and lastly, some girl was humming it as she worked out at the gym last night.  This tune is chasing me, and it is relentless.

2.  After much thought about whether or not to disconnect the pump for my rafting trip, I’ve decided to disconnect.  I won’t be able to enjoy myself if I’m constantly paranoid about losing the damn thing.  So, in choosing between Lantus and NPH, I’m hearing lots of votes for NPH because it will be out of my system in a more predictable 8 – -10 hours vs. the 24 hour basal rate of Lantus.  Am I right on that?  I’m calling for scripts from my doctor on Monday and I need my Blogosphere Medical Team to help me make the right decision.  Sure, doctors have all those initials after their name, but if This one is my absolute favorite.they’re not actually doing this, I’m not actually believing everything they say.

3.  Thanks to F.R. Kristen, I’ve been shown the virtual way to Someecards.  I have sent them to dozens of people.  They are tacky, classless, and their humor is so dry it’s dying of dehydration.  I love them.  Go look.  I can’t stop.

4.  Tu Diabetes.  I know you’ve joined.  I’ve joined.  I don’t even have to mention it, do I?

5.  Admittedly, in hot anticipation of the July 21st final Harry Potter book on the horizon, I’ve recently plowed through the last book.  Preparing.  I felt like such a ten year old kid on Thursday night, holed up in my bed with the lamp on and reading The Half-Blood Prince.  But now I’m done.  And it’s such a long, long time until July 21st.  Am I the only blogger who has been sucked into the Harry Potter vortex?

6.  And HUGE congratulations to Kelsey!  And to Art-Sweet and Pili.  And Flmgodog.  And belated congrats to Lyrecha.  (And to anyone I may have missed.)  There are so many new additions (and coming attractions) to the d-Blogosphere that it’s making my head spin.

Have a good weekend!  I’m off to RI.