Diagnosed as a kid, I don’t remember ever having the option to snack recklessly.  My mother and father, determined to keep me as healthy as possible, packed me school snacks that would bring great joy to … an 80 year old woman maybe.  However, I was eight years old and toting around a lunch sack containing rice cakes and carrot sticks.  (Yes, very healthy.  Yes, also very boring when you’re a kid.)

I have to admit:  I finagled some lunch switcheroos when I was a kid.  Those rice cakes that my Tasty and fibrous!mother had loving factored into my meal plan were chucked into the trash in favor of someone else’s Ring Dings.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m assuming I’m not the only one who ditched the meal plan.  I was a stupid kid, for crying out loud!  And those snacks that were orchestrated to fit with my peaking NPH and Regular doses were tedious.

I’ve heard that taste buds change every seven years.  Is this a bullshit claim?  Does that explain why the snacks of yester-year are no longer repulsive to me and are instead coveted tasty bits?

Enter green beans.

Fresh green beans are my snack of choice all year long, all day long.  I like their cool exterior and their vibrant green color.  I like how they snap.  And I like how they make me feel full and require almost no insulin to keep their effects on my blood sugars quiet.

If you asked me when I was a kid, “Hey Kerri, how about some nice, tasty green beans?” I would have mustered up the nastiest look possible.  But now I buy them by the pound at the grocery store.

Other snacks I’ve found to be both diabetes-friendly and tasty (or at least not disgusting) are walnuts, almonds, cottage cheese, and sharon fruits.  If I was presented with that list as a child, I would have been sick to my stomach.  But thanks to my evolving taste buds, I find these things to be delicious and relatively easy on the D.  What are you guys snacking on?  I could use some further palette expansion.

But don’t get me wrong – my remaining childish tastebuds scream for some black raspberry ice cream.  Or a Snickers bar.