I feel generally creepy about eating foods named for people.  Granny Smith apples (Julia, please tell me you’d seen the Eddie Izzard bit about Mrs. Smith not making it big in the apple business until she encouraged her daughter to have a baby…), The Roker, or Eggs Benedict.   But I may have found an exception to the rule.

The Sharon fruit.

Tasty bits, these.

This delicious Sharon fruit is a kind of persimmon and is bright orange with a thick waxy skin and pulpy interior.  … hmmm, I just read what I wrote for a description and it doesn’t exactly sound delicious.  But it is.  Chris read about it in one of his fitness magazines and he bought some at the grocery store.  We both ate one and decided these were tasty, unique, and the perfect thing to devour before a gym workout as they seem to help keep my sugars steady throughout an intense cardio workout. And damnit, these little fruits are so tasty!  They’re like fancy, fruity tomatoes.  (Again, maybe that doesn’t sound completely delicious, but describing their taste is a bit tricky.)

These are now my new favorite snacky bit.  I know there is dissention within the diabetes community about whether or not fruit is the best snacking option, but it works for me.  And I refuse to inundate myself with low-carb snack bars and other processed bits when an organic Sharon fruit is working just fine.  RANDOM EDITOR’S NOTE:  Unbelievable amount of spam in the comments these days.  So far, I’ve been offered 15 different ways to increase penis size, hints on how to make her love me like no other man, and advice on how to start an online casino.  These spammers are getting trickier and trickier.  They leave comments ranging from “Nice site!  I love it!” to “Not much going on these days.  I’m really bored and just hanging around the house,” to “Pretty colors!  And you, as the blog owner, are terrific!”  Mind you, these comments include hyperlinks to what I’m guessing are the most horrific pornographic sites imaginable and other disturbing pages. 

So I’ve changed the comments function on SUM to require an email address.  Almost everyone does, at this point, but now I’m requiring it to keep the comments section free of offensive, spammy chaos.  If you are a lurker and prefer to remain lurkish, just dummy up an email and pop it in there.  No harm, no foul.  Sorry about the changes!