“All work and no play makes Kerri … need a vacation.”

There’s been a lot of work going on lately.  The constant flurry of activity in my office, the fun of the ol’ blogosphere, and assorted other writing adventures.  While I enjoy everything that I’m involved in, I do find myself altogether way too close to a computer all the time.  I understand HTML coding now.  

I fear I may be becoming a geek.  😉

It’s time for a vacation.

So Chris and I have booked a 10 day trip to St. John in the Virgin Islands.  White sand beaches, sunshine, and relaxation.  We’ve booked a few nights at the Concordia Eco-Tents (they sound tremendously cool and sort of sexy), rented a Jeep, and have plans to drink some of the finest Virgin Islands Pale Ale ever draught.  (Note:  The beer is fantastic.  You crack open the bottle and it smells like mangos.  And it is created and brewed by one of Chris’s friends from home – he moved to St. John a few years ago.  Nice gig, that.) 

I am so excited for this vacation that I’m almost considering not using my pal Xanax to fly.  (But of course I will, because I’m a wimpy-wimp.)  We’ll be away for Chris’s birthday at the end of March.  Nice way to escape the winter that has finally arrived.Bring on St. John!  

I can't wait to walk on this beach.

“And, on a completely random note, the Aveeno hand lotion stuff makes my blood sugar appear higher than it actually is,” says Kerri, who tested in at 204 mg/dl, corrected it, and ended up at 51 mg/dl.  A few minutes ago, I tested at 185 mg/dl, washed my hands, and rechecked to test my theory – 114 mg/dl.  Ah ha!  Pesky hand lotion.  Good thing you’re repairing my hands or I’d chuck you out the window.