5:45 pm:  Traffic was a little grumpy.  I chatted up a friend on the way home from work.

6:00 pm:  Changing my clothes to make the 6:42 train to Grand Central to meet up with Chris.

6:15 pm:  Noticed that I had been trying to read the same email for about ten minutes.  Man, I had a headache.

6:16 pm:  Unzip meter.  *Click*  Oh good.  30 mg/dl.

6:16 and a half:  Eight guzzled sips straight from the juice bottle.  Cats are milling around at my ankles, keeping tabs on their home-alone owner.

6:25 pm:  Fumble to finish dressing.  Still feeling like garbage.  Must make train.  Must talk like robot.

6:38 pm:  In the car, mostly dressed, feeling better but still a bit crummy.  Eating a piece of frozen wheat bread that I grabbed from the freezer (obviously) because when it’s frozen, I can gobble it down easier than chowing on a dry piece of bread.  Text Chris:  May not make train. 

6:41 pm:  Park car.  Run like hell from the car to the platform.  The lights of the train are approaching as I coax a ticket from the automated machine.  “Come on!” I mutter.  Half a piece of frozen bread still clutched in my hand.  Ticket prints.  Doors open.  I scramble on.  Finish my froast (frozen toast).

7:45 pm:  Meet Chris in Grand Central.  “What happened?”  he asked.  “I was low.  And I had to run.  But everything is cool now.”  He nods and takes my hand.  And we commence our travels to Rockefeller Center to see The Christmas Fun.

snowflakes and angels, of course.

I’m such a tourist, but it is just so amazing to see all these sights.  The snowflakes in the background here actually were part of a music and lights show.  I took a video.  It’s linked here.


These ornaments impressed the hell out of me.  They were across the street from Radio City and I just couldn’t rip myself away.  The sound of the water rushing, the steady hum of the city … it was awe-inspiring.

The Skating Rink God

Chris took this shot and I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

Kerri and the Tree

And, of course, the tree itself.  The camera fritzed out a bit, but we scored a few shots of the massive Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, all twinkling and gorgeous in the night air.

Kerri and Chris