(Wouldn’t you think there would only be three questions on this one?  Tricky.  So I added the bunnies, to drive home the “three” concept.)

Three bunnies.  They go with the "three" meme.

Three Things I Do Every Day:  Take a hot shower.  Test my blood sugar.  Grin at somebody.

Three Things I Wish I Could Do Every Day:  Hug my niece and nephew.  Achieve steady blood sugar control.  Feel at peace.

Three Hopes I Have for Today:  That people stop saying how nice the warm weather is right now and instead contemplate how to stop global warming.  That my eyes continue to find the ladybugs hiding in the plants on the back deck.  That I’m not too scared to publish this book once it’s done.

Three Things I Hear:  The inspiring sounds of Damien Rice’s “9,” the sound of my fingers against the keyboard, and the “More Cowbell” skit coming from the speakers of someone in the IT department.

Three Ways I Have Changed my Life:  I have achieved, and since reset, my fitness goals.  I have found an outlet for my writing.  I have found a man who inspires me.

Three People I Wish I Could See Again:  Bumpa, Nana, and my Grammie.

Three Items I Wish I Owned:  A car that I felt was worth the monthly payment, a CGMS, and living room furniture that fit in the living room.

(Here’s the deal with the couch:  We were given a very nice, very cool couch that didn’t fit through the front door.  So it was hoisted onto the top of the U-Haul and then coaxed in through the sliding glass doors on the deck of the second bedroom by Chris and a few of the neighborhood gardeners.  However, it is too big to get out of the second bedroom.  So we have the futon in the living room and the couch in the bedroom … ahem, the couchroom.  I’m going to take a chainsaw to it when we move out.  That should be satisfying.)

Three Wishes I Had When I Was Young:  To live to be 100 years old, to be a writer, and to be someone’s mother.  These are wishes I still have.

Three Fears I Have:  That “my best” won’t be enough.  That my body will give in to diabetes complications.  That I will always feel uncertain about the future of my health.

Three Things on My Desk:  My meter, a mug-warmer for my fabulous SUM coffee mug, and Larry Bird.

Three Thoughts in My Mind:  “Happy Birthday, Darrell!”  “I wonder how much coffee I could drink before I start to feel un-workably jittery.”  “NaNo … you’re toast, kid.  Fire it up.”

No need for tagging.  Just tossing it out there for whoever wants to take a spin through.  Happy Friday, Internet!