(Sorry, Bobby – stole your joke.)

Bleary eyes.  Not even a pond of Visine could help me today.  NaNo is doing a great job of drawing the focus from my grief and channeling it creatively.  It’s also doing a great job of depriving me in the sleep department and making me a little fussed.  Eight days into this NaNo mesBig Stack O' Bookss and I’m way behind the expected word count.  My project is plodding along and the pages are starting to spin out with a bit more ease, but I already hate my main character.  I’ve changed her name three times and have plotted a way to eventually kill her off.

All in all, standard fare for a Wednesday morning.

I know there are several bloggers navigating through NaNo themselves – how is that going for you?  Am I the only one who is actually typing the words, “Just pick an adjective and get on with it, for crying out loud, Kerri,” leaving little italics breadcrumbs for myself all over the manuscript file?  I re-read some of my project last night and snickered at myself when I came to an italicized paragraph that read “Kerri, stop thinking about grilled cheese sandwiches.  They won’t inspire you.  Write something decent and reward yourself with food, a la Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation.”

If you’re doing NaNo this year, share your username and I’d love to add you to my writing buddies.

For now, it’s back to work and back to listening to the rain dance on the skylight above my desk.  Tonight, NaNo and I will resume our war.