Nonsense It's a pretty bullet point.1.  My boss, discussing an article with me, looks casually at my bookcase and sees a picture.  “Oh.  Is that The Sausage?”  My stupid cat is a celebrity.

Nonsense 2.  I just realized that the Boop Beep Boop sound that my pump makes comes from the very bottom of it.  If I cover the bottom with my hand, the sound is completely muffled.  Two and a half years of insulin pumping and I just found this out?  I’ll admit to being fascinated.

Nonsense 3.  Aware of how ridiculous it is, I’m drinking my morning coffee out of a Six Until Me. mug.  I have completely lost it.

Nonsense 4.  Sometimes I forget how scared to death I am of spiders.  I was reminded last night, when Chris and I were leaving to go to the gym and he murmurs, “Would you look at that?”  I looked up and saw the biggest spider I have ever seen IN MY LIFE hanging out on a huge web above the porch.  It was the size of a cell phone and it was wearing a t-shirt that said, “Kerri for Lunch.”  I completely freaked out and ran off into the yard.  Chris kept edging closer to The Beast.  “Am I too close, Kerri?  Does this bother you?  Making you nervous?” Yes Chris, it made me nervous.  So nervous that when you fell asleep, I did a once-over on the bed to make sure there wasn’t a Spider Beast waiting to kill me.

(Note to readers:  There wasn’t.  I only found S. Sausage.)

The floor dweller.
Have a good weekend!!