With the sand still stuck to my Reefs and the sunshine of the weekend still warm on my face, Six Until Me. proudly present the Patient-Consumer Parade: Volume 6(UntilMe.)

Gold Medal Post:  Diabetic Guilt at Beanie Baby

It’s relatively common knowledge in the blogosphere that with diabetes comes the tangled web of blood sugar balancing, insulin administration, and maintenance medication.  Not often discussed, however, is the impact of this routine on the environment.  Andrea writes, “I’m not just a diabetic, I’m not a selfish bitch who cares about nothing as long as I can stay alive; I’m part of the world and I care about it.”  Her post stopped me in my tracks, prompted a lively discussion with my Inner Environmentalist, and was brilliantly written.

Silver Medal Post:  Most Difficult at CuriousGirl  

Diagnosed with diabetes as a young girl, Nicole once thought that the toughest part of her condition was the daily finger sticks to test her bloodsugar.  Now an eloquent adult, she discusses the chaos of cost in maintaining her diabetes and grappling with the healthcare system.  “Everyday I live. Everyday I test my bloodsugar 12 times a day. Everyday I brush my teeth, brush my hair, get dressed in something I like. Everyday I also wear an insulin pump.”  The fibers of her diabetes and her life are so closely stitched that you barely see the seams.

Bronze Medal Post:  I’m Just a Bill at Scared to Health

Have you ever received a bill from your insurance company that just doesn’t make sense?  Not that you’re unable to make sense of the presentation of the bill, but that you can’t conceptualize how your medical procedure/prescriptions cost that much?  Kim made my jaw drop with her description of a bill for over forty thousand dollars and her perceptions of the final accounting.  The cost of healthcare in this country is enough to make anyone sick.

Honorable Mentions are awarded to:

The Mom & Me Journals offers “The Three F’s” of Being Where You Are Now.

The Wilcox Zone discusses how the devil of diabetes is in the details.

Tales of my Thirties talks about being a “foodie” even after a diabetes diagnosis.

Somebody Heal Me feels as though her “bad choices” are a direct result of her desperation to find treatment for her chronic illness.

The Gimp Parade pens her reflections on the little things having help with daily tasks changes.

The Tangled Neuron writes about issues that crop up in the daily lives of caregivers.

Innovations in Healthcare discusses the effects of internet resources on doctor’s visits.

A Chronic Dose deals with the transition from crisis-recovery mode to the everyday maintenance of chronic illness.

And The Daily Headache slips in with her commentary on the challenge for a consumer to muddle through the media in search of the Truth about medications.Thank you to everyone who submitted entries!  They were fantastic and the perfect way to invigorate my mind up after a menacing three hour ride home in Connecticut traffic.

The next Patient-Consumer Parade is September 4th at InstaHealth.  Email them to host your own Parade.

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