I shall brave Route 95 north from Connecticut to Rhode Island during rush hour on a Friday afternoon.  I have packed a snack, dinner, a change of clothes, blanket, pillow, extra insulin, CB radio, flares, astronaut ice cream, pup-tent, and a map of every rest stop between Norwalk and home.

Enjoy a nice dinner with my friend Batman and our respective beaus tonight at Café Paragon in Providence.

Join forces with College Roommates and have an almost-end-of-summer hurrah at Johnny’s Atlantic Beach Club in Newport, RI on Saturday.

Watch as Chris amazes his cute little niece with newly-learned magic tricks.  (When we went to Toys “Backwards R” Us in NYC, Chris picked up a magic kit and has been practicing “wowing” me at the house.  So far, he’s made a pen disappear, he’s pulled loose change from my ear, and he’s made a matchstick suspend in midair.  He’s also stolen my heart, the fool.  And subsequently turned it into a rabbit.)

Figure out what the hell is going on with my bloodsugars.  My mNaughty Sausage.eter average has kicked up 10 points in the last week and a half based on these bizarre elevations in the morning.  Looks like a basal testing will need to happen on Monday.  This new work schedule requires a little more tweaking before I’m good to go.  As a sidenote, my fasting bloodsugars have been great lately.  Ranging from 88 mg/dl – 130 mg/dl, I’m very pleased with the way my mornings are starting.  Midmorning sugars … eh, they’ve been better.  I don’t like all these 200’s peeking their little heads in.

Format the PCP6UntilMe.  I’ve received many fantastic entries so far.  Deadline for entry is Sunday night at 6 p.m.  Email them to me to have your entry considered.  Remember, the theme is “The Fabric of our Lives,” and assuming I don’t get sued for ripping off the Cotton people, the PCP6UntilMe will be posted on Monday morning.

Teach S. Sausage a lesson:  Little Miss Siah has been climbing up onto the bookcases and eating my plants.  I know this because there are nibbles in every single leaf and a smattering of dirt with little sausage-sized footprints.  Punishment may include being squirted with a spraybottle.  Or being hugged. Startled Fat Abby.And poor chubby Abby is just startled by the whole scene.  (Yes, I’m doing my best to get her to lose some weight.  My God she’s massive.)  She just doesn’t know what to make of the little Sausage.

Have a good weekend, everyone!