Thursday morning chaos.  Waiting.

People talking, laughing, drinking coffee, playing music, typing away on their computers.  Phone calls.  Meetings.  Remember to test bloodsugar.  The train whirrs by and people grab their luggage and make their way to their cars.  Yesterday I saw a black limo filled with soccer moms get pulled over and the women escorted into the back of police cars, their Prada bags hanging in the breeze.  Horns honking.  Cell phone keeps buzzing.  Email like a flood on my desktop.  Threats of terror on every newstation and the bustle of New York City just minutes away.

She’s 79 years old.  The surgery won’t be over for another 4 hours.

I can hear every quiet click of the second hand as I wait.

Update:  A phone call from my mother, at the hospital with Grammie in Boston, confirms that surgery was successful and Grammie is in recovery – minus her spleen, one and a half of her kidneys, and part of her pancreas.  We’re hoping that the cancer has been fully removed and that she’ll recover quickly.

Thank you all for your prayers … here’s hoping that they did the trick.  🙂