Here’s the quandary:  I hated my old job.  HATED IT.  The stress was incredible and my boss was so tightly wound that he would have benefited from at least an afternoon nap.  So I found a new gig at dLife and quit the old chaos.

Upside:  I enjoyed a few weeks off in May and June and became accustomed to a relaxed, beach bum sort of lifestyle.  I scored a very nice tan.  I was at the gym more often than not.  And my sleeping schedule morphed from “schedule” to “haphazard, at best,” sleeping whenever I felt like it and staying up all night sometimes.  It was like college again.  I knew this was (maybe) the last chance in my life to be so loose with my schedule.  So I was all about it.

Downside:  The lack of regimentation took it’s toll on me.  I wasn’t eating at standard times.  Dinner was oftentimes served at midnight.  “Morning” became a relative term, as I missed a number of mornings entirely.  I tested very often (per usual) and kept my boluses tight, but not keeping to a decent schedule set my internal clock to cuckoo.

Now that the dust is finally settling here in Norwalk, I am reclaiming some semblance of schedule.  I’m at work for a definitive set of hours per day.  I am eating meals at the same times.  After work, I’m at the gym by 7 o’clock and working out until about 8 p.m.

And I’m rocking out low bloodsugars to the tune of almost two per day, ranging from an upper 65 mg/dl to the pitfalls of 38 mg/dl.  Symptoms are all in check (unlike what I was experiencing a few months ago) and they are most certainly kicking my ass.  These lows are intense.  The trembling hands, the waves of nausea/dizziness, and that “lost” look that Chris says I have when I’m low.  I’m crying.  I’m becoming intolerably grumpy and miserable during these reactions.

I’m a mess.

And I’m consuming juice in mass quantities at the moment.  Two reactions per day adds up to many empty calories.  Faux-Fitness Kerri does not like empty calories.  She works too hard to keep her weight in check to give in to these lows.  She even does this in third person, as she’s noted.

After downing a sports bottle of juice last night and recovering from a 47 mg/dl, I turned to Chris, tears in my eyes and a smirk on my face and said, “I can’t believe I ate the whole gym.”  I am consuming more calories than I’m burning during my workout.  I am eating my workouts these days.

I’m actively recording bloodsugars and doing my best to keep track of boluses.  I am attempting to test my basals but these lows are thwarting my efforts some days.  Over the next few days, I’m sure things will even out after some tweaking and I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Until then, I’m keeping a bottle of juice by the bed.  And some alka-selzter.