1. I have been in so many listless work meetings today that my head is filled with phrases like “forward thinking,” “marketing analysis,” and “extensive research and application.” These phrases have replaced the fun ones I was thinking earlier, which included “Paas coloring kit,” “lethal Cadbury mini eggs,” and “Thank the lord for fast acting insulin.”

2. “Generation D” has been updated for April.

3. The weather outside is sunny and warmish and if my office had windows (and if I had an office) I would be pressing my face against the glass. Instead, I grabbed my markers and drew a big, yellow, smiling sunshine on an insurance report before I submitted it. The chuckle and the wry look it received were warranted.

4. My mother is auditioning for “Deal or No Deal!” and the video submission that Chris filmed for her is currently in post production. My mother, her three sisters, and I are the No Deal Team. I’m coming to realize that we may be a slightly peculiar family.

5. I am so looking forward to this long weekend that I keep bursting into a grin for no apparent reason, causing the Brits who sit near me at work to eye me suspiciously.

6. And everytime my fingers hit the keys, my Larry Bird bobbles his head in agreement.