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March 2006

s. 1955 – TAKE ACTION NOW.

Diabetes Advocacy, Healthcare March 31, 2006 No Comments

Sitting on my desk at home, right now, is a bill for $2,390.00, covering test strips, pump supplies, and three doctor’s visits. I am paying this bill responsibly. I work a full time job. While I may despise my current employment, I stick with it in order to retain medical insurance. Let’s cut to the chase here: I wear an…


Part Two: In which Kerri solves the Gomez Quandry and remembers Reading Rainbow

No Diabetes, Traveling March 28, 2006 No Comments

Exploring the Sunset Strip, Chris and I sat at a stop light in our little hybrid. “Listen, Kerri.” Chris paused, spreading his hands dramatically over the steering wheel. “Not a sound.” The car seemed like it turned off when we were at stoplights. The motor made no sound. No clicks, no whirrs, no noises whatsoever. An odd sound to my…


Homage to Roberta Sparrow*

Real Life Diabetes, Traveling March 26, 2006 No Comments

I’ve been at work since 6:45 this morning. Not a big deal, but I didn’t fall asleep until after 2 o’clock in the morning. Working off three cups of coffee, L-Glutamin, and these really nice tea biscuits that the British guys at work brought in. Being this tired has caused my mind to roam about unsupervised. As follows: In about…


Preferring Crayons.

Uncategorized March 20, 2006 No Comments

A Haiku for this Morning at Work. Computer on. The Papers shuffle without sound. I’d rather color. Sometimes I wonder if people from work will stumble upon this blog, read about how much I loathe my job, and then pink slip me, a la Dooce. If that ends up being the case, how awful (read: liberating) would that be? Post re:…


Writer’s Block.

Uncategorized March 15, 2006 No Comments

All these thoughts and I can’t even concentrate long enough to string a sentence together that doesn’t start “I want some more black raspberry ice cream.” I’ve been trying to work on some writing projects for a few hours now and so far I have accomplished the following: Ate some delicious black raspberry ice cream. Thought about how long it…


Six Things on Friday.

The Friday Six March 10, 2006 No Comments

1. Tomorrow it is supposed to be almost 60 degrees in Boston. Perfect weather for a PreUnion. (Someone called it “The Sucrose Social.” I laughed and begged for rights to reprint their quip.) Starts at High Noon. Meet in the lobby? I have to be at a real estate appointment at 4 o’clock, so I can stay until about 3:40-ish. But I…


How low can I go?

Blood Sugars March 8, 2006 No Comments

Over the last week and a half, I’ve been low about 6 times. None of this “Ooh, I’m almost 80 mg/dl, better have a nice, safe snack and patiently wait for the rise,” but a complete crash and burn low that renders me helpless and 31 mg/dl while I sleep. I used to wake up on my own when I…