I can’t claim to be well traveled. Being a bit of a country mouse myself, I’d never explored New York before. Safely cocooned in Rhode Island, the most city action I’d seen was a plethora of Providence and various explorations into Boston. My scene is more the beach, the calming oceanside town, and drinks with friends at the local Irish pubs.

So when we found ourselves in Downtown Brooklyn yesterday afternoon, to say “startled” barely scratches the surface.

In pursuit of what may be our new haunt, Chris and I explored Brooklyn and Manhattan yesterday. Driving in from RI, we spent three hours talking animatedly, the radio never being switched on. Too excited. Too apprehensive. We’d heard so much about places like Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope from our friends that we couldn’t wait to see for ourselves.

After driving through what looked like Beirut to get to our destination, we rolled safely into Brooklyn Heights and parked the car. Beautiful brick buildings lined quiet city street. Despite the biting cold, the sun broke through and touched the windows gently, reflecting back our hope that this could be our New Home. Across the way from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade was the city.

Staring out at the Manhattan skyline, I couldn’t help but feel excited. And swallowed up. Maybe a hybrid of both.

Over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, traversing the grid that is New York City. Blazing billboards. Scrolling advertisements. A girl like me could get used to this shopping. Restaurants. Bars. City streets teeming with people.

Chris and I, like goldfish in a bowl, peering out the car windows and taking it all in.

“What kind of timeframe are we looking at? Are you nervous? Do you like Park Slope, too? How do you feel about this?” My questions were only slightly muffled by the delicious slice of pizza from Grimaldi’sthat I was devouring.

“Where am I going to work? Is there a pharmacy nearby? Does Joslin have a location here? Where the hell am I going to stash the Jetta? Can I …” Tears are threatening to well up against my will, nervous about making such a big move.

Warm brown eyes. Reassuring hand across the table reaches and takes mine, pizza slice and all.

“We’re going to figure it all out. This is going to be incredible. I promise.” He smiled. My heart stops for a minute. 

Smile back.

“You’re right.”

Grab a napkin and wipe the pizza off both of our hands.

could Heart NY.