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January 2006

Good Morning, Diabetic Feed!

SUM in Other Places January 15, 2006 No Comments

I had the pleasure of speaking with Christel Marchand last week, host of the brilliant Diabetic Feed, about my blog, the book, and the general chaos associated with my being diabetic. Diabetic Feed broadcasts weekly installments of information regarding diabetes, proudly stating “We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest news, information, and people who impact the diabetic community.” Christel hosts the…


Don’t Buy a VW

No Diabetes January 12, 2006 No Comments

The ’84 Volvo was my brother Darrell’s, so it doesn’t really count as my first car. It was The First Car. I stole it out from under my brother when we went to college, but upon his return every vacation, I had to give up the keys. I remember the first time I was behind the wheel by myself. It…


Brought to you by the Letter Y.

Blood Sugars January 10, 2006 No Comments

Today’s adventure is brought to you by the Letter Y and the Number 34. That’s 34 mg/dl. Normally Alarm Clock One goes off at 6:45 am. After which I promptly hit the “snooze” button no less that three times. Fret not, for Alarm Clock Two (also known as Bad Alarm due to it’s shrill cry) is set for 7 am,…


The Place: Boston.

Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community January 8, 2006 No Comments

A discussionon Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure has spawned the Great New England D-Meet. The synopsis is that diabetics who live within convenient traveling distance to Boston, be they children, mothers, or just plain 26 year old bloggers obsessed with Mr. L. Bird, are ready to plan to Meet. The proposed timeframe is February or Early March. I’m looking for a headcount of…