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January 2006

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…

Traveling By January 29, 2006 No Comments

Bathing suits: Check. Reef sandals and sunblock: Check and check. Suitcase filled with summer clothes I had to unearth from the storage area and there may be a spider tucked in one of those shirts but I’ll be damned if I’m searching for it: Check and ew. Carry on bag filled with enough diabetes supplies to cause the whole boat…


Two Years Ago Today.

Pumping Insulin, Robot Life By January 28, 2006 No Comments

Reflections on the day my pump arrived two years ago… The FedEx box loomed in the middle of the room. Special overnight delivery. On a Saturday, no less. The room shrank as the box sat unopened. I made myself a cup of tea and sat down on the floor. Peeled back the packing tape. The flaps sprang open and a…



Real Life Diabetes, Relationships By January 26, 2006 No Comments

It was fifth grade and Mrs. Latz was our language arts teacher. It was the first year we had lockers and they were situated outside of her classroom. It was cool, having a locker. We cut out pictures from Tiger Beat magazine and hung them on the inside of the door. Nicole, who was my locker partner, and I cut…


Oh so slightly OCD.

Blood Sugars, Diabetes and Emotions By January 24, 2006 Tags: , No Comments

I didn’t always count the sips. I used to treat low bloodsugar reactions by chugging cranberry juice until it spilled down my chin and choked me just a little bit. That panicked, adrenaline fueled consumption, rendering me unable to close my eyes while I drink, but instead leaving me focused on that part where the ceiling and the wall merge….


“Generation D” on dLife

SUM in Other Places By January 23, 2006 No Comments

So it’s about the daily life of a twentysomething living with diabetes. The whole bit about dating and sex. Telling your coworkers about diabetes. Going out and enjoying a few martinis while maintaining your bloodsugars. Driving safely. Working out at the gym. Going on a cruise. Letting nothing stop you. Living life. It’s called “Generation D” and it’s a recent addition to…


Six Thoughts.

The Friday Six By January 20, 2006 No Comments

1. I tell them to protect myself. With my insulin sensitivity and fluctuating stress levels constantly affecting my bloodsugar levels, coupled with the tighter control I’ve achieved over the last three years, my levels can plummet without much notice. One minute I’m drafting a letter to send to a client with ease and the next moment has me struggling to navigate…


The Xanax Experience.

Uncategorized By January 18, 2006 No Comments

Tonight is the test run of Kerri’s Xanax Experience. Because I’m so anxious about taking an anti-anxiety pill that I have to test it before the flight. That’s normal. But the questions run rampant in my mind. What will happen to my bloodsugars? Will I fall asleep? Will I be able to function at all after downing this pill? Will…


Good Morning, Diabetic Feed!

SUM in Other Places By January 15, 2006 Tags: No Comments

I had the pleasure of speaking with Christel Marchand last week, host of the brilliant Diabetic Feed, about my blog, the book, and the general chaos associated with my being diabetic. Diabetic Feed broadcasts weekly installments of information regarding diabetes, proudly stating “We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest news, information, and people who impact the diabetic community.” Christel hosts the…


Don’t Buy a VW

No Diabetes By January 12, 2006 No Comments

The ’84 Volvo was my brother Darrell’s, so it doesn’t really count as my first car. It was The First Car. I stole it out from under my brother when we went to college, but upon his return every vacation, I had to give up the keys. I remember the first time I was behind the wheel by myself. It…