Where The Boy’s editor lives, therefore where we traipsed off to so they could finish the deliverables for Uzi’s distribution deal.

Where “going into town” is to make the five minute drive down towards where the only six shops are located, along with three breakfast restaurants and two shops that sell earrings shaped to look like lobsters.

Where “the movie theater” is a little place with 20 seats per theater. The seats don’t recline and the leg room is restricted to easing your legs over the back of the seat in front of you. And two tickets, a popcorn and an Icee costs less than $20.00. Total.

Where finding a wireless internet connection required asking seven different people and then walking from building to building, as the snow falls around me, with the computer booted up, hoping that I’d finally latch on to a signal. The signal was eventually found above the college cafeteria, where cereal and chai tea are free and plentiful. Note: was disappointed upon realizing that the wireless password wasn’t “lobster.”

Where people stared at us because they recognized everyone else in the small town except for us. We figured that they eventually would have known we were from out of town based solely on the fact that we weren’t sporting jaunty, colorful winter hats. With pom-poms.

Where I hope to hole up in a coffee shop and get some work done on this book of mine.

Where the town Christmas tree stands in the center of this cozy little place, constructed entirely of stacked lobster traps with mulitple green spotlights at the base, shining up into the conical cascade. Garland circled the wooden traps. A star, of sorts, graced the apex.

But it wasn’t exactly a star. Oh no.

It was a neon lobster shape, shining like a beacon into the night sky.