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December 2005

The Promise of Winter

Diabetes Memories December 31, 2005 No Comments

Winter brought the Move Out. Our things were packed in copy paper boxes that I took from the office. The big black marker labeled the boxes “His” and “Hers” as we filtered our six years together into two separate piles. Memories were trapped inside of shoeboxes. We spilt the set of “ugly dishes” between the two of us. He took his…


Super Friends.

Diabetes Community December 30, 2005 No Comments

I received this comment today from a self-proclaimed Anonymous Lurker. She’s a mother with a recently diagnosed 8 year old. I’ve posted her question below. If you have any words of wisdom for A.L.M. (Anonymous Lurker Mom), please offer them up. She’s looking for our collective advice on this:  “Hi Kerri. I’m a regular lurker and I have a question to put…


Five Random Facts.

No Diabetes December 26, 2005 No Comments

Julia has tagged me. And while I’m pretty sure I was on Goo, Goo-oool, Goal, or whatever you called your Safety Zone when you played tag as a kid, I’m here to offer up Five Random Facts About Six Until Me. Random Fact One: I am painfully OCD about CDs and DVDs. CDs are arranged by genre, then by artist within the…


My First Martini(s).

Real Life Diabetes December 18, 2005 No Comments

There was no way I could play it femme fatale aloof. I could barely keep the smile off my face. It was like a first date. We held hands as he ordered our wine and the room churned and spun with a mass of people but I couldn’t focus on any face but his, though we shared a bed every…


A Bad Year for Goodyear.

Uncategorized December 11, 2005 No Comments

Sometimes the snow falls and I can see each individual snowflake. They tumble from the sky with such grace, as though they are attached to long, silken strings that could be snatched back up at any second by some ethereal seamstress. Sometimes snow gathers in feathery drifts as I watch from my window, sipping a hot mug of Earl Gray…