Who doesn’t love a good homonym?

There’s been a lot going on over the last week. I’ve been a small bit absentee. Here’s the run down, a la Six Until Me style:

The Move: The Boy and I have made the leap from Separate Apartments to Living Together. Yes, this is a good thing. And yes, I’m very happy. But yes, it’s been stressful emptying out my apartment and bringing the bulk of my belongings to his apartment. Whatever didn’t make it to Chris’s ended up in storage in my mother’s basement. Long story posted on a blog, I’ve been trekking my stuff all over RI and CT for the last week. I’m tired. I’ve put many miles on The Jetta. But I’m happy.

The Plan: The plan is to move outside of NYC in April. Me and The Boy. And The Jetta. So that I can find a job that has nothing to do with insurance and he can pursue the finer points of his film career. It’s both an exciting premise and a slightly frightening one. If you have any contacts in the NY/Western CT area, can you siphon me through to them? If you don’t have any contacts, don’t fret. Once I get there, you will.

The Meantime: It’s status quo in good ol’ RI. My job is still ridiculous. My cats are still hiding in garbage cans. My nephew informed me that, in baseball, two bases is a double, three is a triple, and four is a fourple. I’ve got my appointment at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston on November 1st. I am anticipating a lovely A1c. Maybe under 7% this time? Keep your Faithful Reader fingers crossed.

The O.C.: (Sorry Dee, but that’s the moniker that stuck. Because I pooled all the resources and found a plotline on the internet. Six Until Me:1. Six Until Dee:0) There’s a veritable deluge of quality Diabetes-related stuff cropping up on the internet lately. The new blogs? Check out Ryan Bruner. Or Infusion of Thought. Or the Diabetes Talkfest Forum, where diabetics of all types, sizes, and fonts can come together and find candid discussions and comfort. There’s also Reality Check, which is an Australian based open forum that has great discussion threads and they use words like “bloke”. All spots worth checking out. But don’t forget about your old favorites.

Like me.

And Larry Bird.