Today’s Bullet Point List:

* I sit at a desk all day long and find little to no entertainment during the course of my daily duties. The phone rings, emails crop up, and mail floods my inbox, yet my mind remains stagnant. However, my cat finds a penny on the hardwood floor and loses her mind due to the exhilaration.

* Team Six Until Me is gathering momentum towards the Walk to Cure Diabetes on September 25th. Money is being donated, walkers are volunteering their time, and I have just received word that there will be a Team T-Shirt (happy now, Chris?) contest. Here’s the link for donations and sign up, if you’re interested.

* I am participating in a Spelling Bee for Dorcas Place, which is a literacy center in Rhode Island. My company is sponsoring a team to compete in September. I wonder if my constant use of a computer at both work and home has affected my ability to spell. Spell Check can really rob someone of their ability to string together the correct letters. As can the brain-numbing work at my job. Will my team be eliminated in the first round? We must wait and S-E-E.

* New diabetes blog: DIABolic Check him out.

* I have rejoined the gym (now that the car accident is far enough behind me that my finances have caught up) and the plan is simple – Be Consistent. I need to be consistent in going and working out. I need to be consistent in making sure I crank down my basal rates at least two hours before workout. I also need to make sure my blood sugars remain consistent, none of this bouncing from 50 mg/dl to 250 mg/dl within a twenty minute timeframe. And I can’t be downing a bottle of juice every time I go to the gym. Kind of defeats the purpose. I also will not be wearing pink sweatpants to the gym, as I think that is tacky. I started back on Tuesday. The goal is three to five times a week. I can definitely do that. I’ll keep you posted as to progress. Or foolish moments I have, which will probably happen before any notable progress.

… No way will I ever even own pink sweatpants.