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July 2005

I’m off to the beach, but…

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The Golf Thing for the JDRF was extremely successful. They raised almost $95,000.00 in one night. I met a number of people whose driving force in their lives was to find a cure for diabetes in efforts to ease the pain of their diabetic child. I felt a little strange not working for someone else, but instead for Me. “Hi,…


Kerri the Auctioneer

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On tap for tonight: I will be working at the 4th Annual JDRF-RI Golf Tournament, which raises money for diabetes research. My tasks tonight include, but are not limited to, working the Silent Auction. Yes, you read correctly. The Silent Auction. I’m not sure if I can be quiet for that long. We’ll see. Either I’ll be able to control myself…


Back On the Road.

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Quick post because I’m exhausted. But here’s the abridged version of the last week: 1996 Jetta:The Boy and I have just about recovered from last Thursday’s car accident fiasco. My ’96 Jetta was indeed deemed totaled. And yes, I sat in it one last time and cried a little bit. Because I am way too emotionally involved with inanimate objects….


Goodnight, Jetta.

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The construction site worker. He held out the stop sign so abruptly that the driver of the BMW was forced to slam on his brakes. Two car lengths behind, I hit the brakes as fast as I could but I knew. I couldn’t stop. We saw it coming. “I can’t stop.” The sentence fell from my mouth and settled in my…