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June 2005

Update on … Stuff.

No Diabetes, Pumping Insulin June 28, 2005 No Comments

Siah: Siah (new kitten, weighing in at 2.5 pounds) thinks she owns the place. My other cat, Abby (weighing in at 11.5 pounds), does not agree. They are furry thunder all over the house, leaving tumbleweeds of fluff in their wake. Neither cat gets hurt, so I don’t feel guilty when I’m laughing too hard at the scene of Tiny Cat…


Telling off the Paramedics.

Blood Sugars June 16, 2005 No Comments

Abby. My cat. She has never missed a low bloodsugar. There have been times when I was so low that beads of sweat collected on my forehead, making my face clammy and my t shirt damp with panic. Usually my body wakes itself up in time, leaving me just enough energy to stumble out to the kitchen and pour a…


Siah. Pronounced Sigh-Ya.

Uncategorized June 8, 2005 No Comments

This is the New Kitten. Her name is Siah and she will be joining me and Abby (the other cat) on Saturday morning. The root of her name means “serenity” in Finnish. Not that I had any clue as to that tidbit when I thought I made up the name … it’s kind of like the Top Five game. I was convinced I…


True to Form.

Uncategorized June 2, 2005 No Comments

I can’t always write about diabetes. Not lately. Sometimes I feel like it’s too much on the forefront. I know the initiating purpose of this blog was to create an open forum for diabetes discussions and I feel that has been achieved. Between my blog and the talented company I find myself in, there are definitive forums for diabetics and…