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June 29, 2009

One more time: I am proud of my husband. Chris Sparling's script, Buried, is being filmed this summer in Spain, starring Ryan Reynolds! More at Variety.

June 24, 2009

Fifty years with diabetes? They should give the guy a medal! Read about this inspirational Joslin medal-winner in Diabetes Health.

More hypo-sniffing dogs, but this time these pups are profiled in the popular press. Read this article on MSNBC for more details on these diabetes doggies.

Batters up for an all-new Grand Rounds over at Florence Dot Com. Round the bases with the best of the medical blogosphere!

Follow the JDRF Children's Congress LIVE at the official website - and yes, you can find all kinds of goodies on Nick Jonas (OMG), too. ;)

June 17, 2009

All-new Grand Rounds over at ACP Internist. In homage to the (dying) print newspaper. Check out the best of the medical blogosphere!

Duncan Cross has started a new blog carnival called Patients for a Moment. Click through for the debut carnival post, and consider submitting for next week!

June 09, 2009

The Huffington Post talks about chronic illness - how 1/2 of Americans have one, and how we can work to better manage them.

June 08, 2009

People are finally realizing that CGMs benefit the well-controlled diabetics, too. You shouldn't have to have seizures in order to be covered! More at JDRF.

Hot damn - a closed loop? PR release claims: Automated 'Artificial Pancreas' Controls Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetes Patients for First Time. Show me more!

June 03, 2009

Medtronic, maker of my insulin pump, is working to close the loop - and they've acquired minimally invasive glucose monitoring technologies.

Ann Goebel-Fabbri of the Joslin Clinic is running Litchfield Hills Road Race (LHRR) as a fundraiser for Joslin on June 14th. I support Joslin, and I want to help support Ann. Click here to support her run!

Looking for some at-home A1C action? Bayer has the A1CNow SELFCHECK system that you can purchase for instant results!

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