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June 24, 2008

This site had me scouring old album covers to find one that I could Sleeveface myself. Wicked cool and some of these pictures are downright genius. See for yourself!

Did diabetes contribute to the tragic death of Tim Russert? Newsweek writes about Russert's diabetes diagnosis and it's role in his sudden cardiac arrest.

On June 25th, join the F4D team for a lively discussion about eating locally-grown foods. Join the discussion by registering on the Fitness4Diabetics site.

Larry Bird makes an appearance at the NBA finals last week, and The Onion has the full story. And, of course, the story is as credible as my Bird interactions. (Hat tip to Rachel!)

June 18, 2008

While Ray Allen was busy nailing down a championship, his son, Walker Allen, was learning to live with diabetes. Find out more! (And hat tip to Michelle.)

What's the best Diabetes Design? Check out the submissions and cast your vote!

June 10, 2008

Julia wants to know if it's appropriate to punish a kid for lying about diabetes-related stuff. Weigh in at Blogabetes.

All-new Grand Rounds, hosted this week by NHS Blog Doctor. Check out the finest of the medical blogosphere!

Pharma 2.0, a new healthcare blog, highlights some of the patient opinion leaders of the diabetes community. I'm honored to have been named in this list.

Photos from our honeymoon at the Excellence Resort in Punta Cana are on my Flickr account. Wedding photos coming soon!

June 02, 2008

Everyone is a-buzz about flavanols - check out the news release about making cocoa part of your diabetes management plan.

Congratulations to David and Elizabeth at Diabetes Daily, as they are expecting the birth of their first child! Go give them some love.

Ms. Siah Sausage is an internet celeb-kitty, thanks to the folks at I Can Haz Cheeseburger. She has since requested a dressing room and her own entourage. Sigh.

Well this is damn clever - Grocery Store Wars. I watched this whole thing and now have a hankering for some produce.

What is the deal with supplements? dLife has a new quiz that helps to answer the questions you've been pondering. Test your knowledge!

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