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Support for TuDiabetes.

Hey little cutie TuD!

(I'm re-blogging this message here, because I support TuDiabetes, the DOC, and also because every time I see that little TuD face, I can only think of The Facts of Life [Tootie!!])

My name is Kerri Sparling, I have type 1 diabetes, and I have been blogging about diabetes since 2005 at SixUntilMe.com.

I was diagnosed as a kid, and for much of my life, I didn't know anyone else who was living with type 1 diabetes.  Even though my friends and family have always been very understanding, and supportive, I always felt kind of alone when it came to all the diabetes stuff.

This is why the diabetes community, both online and off, means so much to me. Back in 2005, there were just a few voices talking about life with diabetes online. But now?  Now there are SO many people telling their stories, supporting one another, and making a difference, and communities like TuDiabetes really help connect people with diabetes with one another.

All these people understand what it's like to live with diabetes every single day, and together, we're there for one another.  Being part of a community like TuDiabetes makes the stormy spots with diabetes easier to weather, and when things are going well, there are so many people I can celebrate with who really understand.  

Connecting with others makes a difference in my health, on every single level. So as we celebrate the 6th anniversary of TuDiabetes, I invite you to make a donation to Diabetes Hands Foundation (the nonprofit that runs TuDiabetes and the people who came up with that cute little TuD character that photobombed my pic), so they can continue to make a difference in the lives of many more people touched by diabetes.

- Kerri.


THANKS SO MUCH for re-posting this, Kerri! Your support means the world to us!

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