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Sad Reality.

Sometimes the whole day is diabetes-fine and "controlled" and then I remember we have chocolate chip cookies and all of a sudden everything goes to shit.


Cereal. If there's cereal, my blood sugar is out of whack.

And why is it when I finally have all three boys with perfect numbers on a Friday night, I say..."Let's frick it all up and have Chinese!"

Mine was watermelon today. *banghead*

Cereal for me too. I kind of pretend to measure, but every time I blink, more falls into the bowl, and everything gets out of hand.

Been there, done that.

You speak so many truths. Cuts to the heart of me, Baxter

I successfully ate a huge plate of pasta on Saturday night - flatlined at 106 all night - and then tried to repeat it with the exact same dose on leftovers Sunday. Woke at 409. Fricking diabetes!

Ben & Jerry's half baked gets me every time!

How about SF chocolate bars from Amber Lynn? BS skyrockets to 288. Because the sugar alcohol is made with wheat. Wheat my BS excalator.

Entenmanns doughnuts...the ones with the crumbly things on top? Yeah, I can't eat just one. And two are 70 carbs. Ouch!

Cookies do it to me too! I can be doing great......then my mom or sister bakes cookies!

alas: peanut m&ms.

Oh yes. So much yes. It feels good to see all of us on the same crappy page.

Kerri, you blogged exactly one sentence and got ten comments in an hour! Do you know why? Because what you say and how you say touches people so directly that in just a few words you speak a lifetime of truth. You are really brilliant and the D world is such a better place for your contributions. Thank you so much for knowing just what it's like to walk a tightrope and then a butterfly land on one end of your pole and you come tumbling down.

Amen! Damn those cookies...and donuts. :)

Darn right! I couldn't have said it better myself

Do nots

I remember the advice... "Don't beat yourself up about it, tomorrow is another day," ...and the day after that, and the day after that... I know there are cookies around here somewhere!

So. True. I always justify by saying, "at least the rest of the day was good!" Can't win 'em all.

i wish just was chocolate chip cookies . what to do with Cakes , soft drinks , cream, pizza and ......!!!my belly is like a blakholes that eat evry thing .

For all of you for whom pasta and cereal are your diabetes foe: Barilla plus pasta is a dream for BG bc it has more protein and fiber than typical pasta and doesn't taste nasty like the whole wheat stuff. For cereal, no one in my family can resist the Special K protein plus strawberry cluster cereal & with all if the protein/fiber, is a BG BFF.

Alas rice is mine & brown rice sushi... Just. Doesn't. Cut it. :-)

Chips. Just chips. Preferably flavored.

Pizza. Screws it up every time. I've done everything to make it a little less carb-filled, but my body just says "Screw you. Pizza! Blood sugar spike!"

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