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Large Coffee.

I wish I liked doughnuts.  But they kind of gross me out.Bull.  Its. 
  • Blargh.  Snargas.  These are not real words.  This are consonants and vowels held together by caffeine.
  • I was 123 mg/dL every time I looked at the Dexcom graph last night.  The blood sugar was un-budgeable, not responding to food or insulin.  For a brief, shining moment, I was in Wendy's sweet zone of 1-2-3 and I should have texted her. 
  • I didn't, though, because I was spinning my wheels in the internet mud.
  • After spending too much time online last night, foraging through Facebook posts and watching hope and anger fling themselves against the walls, I went to bed far too late, but thankful that I didn't have to get up until 8 am the follow morning.
  • But ha.  HA!  Birdzone had an alternate plan.   Before the sun even bothered, Birdy was up at 4:45 am, calling out, "Mom!  Mommy!!  I'm awake!" from her bedroom.  After trying to reason with her for a few minutes about how fun it would be to go back to bed ("Sleeping is like the best game EVER!") but then remembering her inclination to "set fire to the lady" (her mangled version of Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain"), we were up.  And at 'em. 
  • But after an hour or two, neither of us were very at 'em, or at anything, so we snuggled onto the couch for a short rest.
  • Which turned out to be an actual nap, which made us almost late in getting her to school.  "We might miss the whole DAY!"  Tragic, so we hurried, and eventually, she made it to school without incident.
  • Leaving me exhausted.  So a large, iced coffee became the go-to solution for this sunny, but cold, day.  And after downing the thing, it seemed like a really good idea to GO TO THE GYM ALL CAPS.
  • Thankfully, my ankle has healed to the point where attempting a run isn't horrendous.  So I felt pretty good, working through two and a half miles without feeling like my foot needed to be chewed off afterwards.  Hopefully this means that I'm healing well, because I've been very bored sitting around with that stupid immobilization boot on.
  • Sitting around leads to too much time futzing (is that a word?) around on the Internet, leading me to things like a Nine Inch Nails/Carly Rae Jepsen mashup of Call Me, Maybe and Head Like a Hole.  Disturbing, yet oddly listenable.   
  • Or listening to Grizzly Bear's Sleeping Ute on mad repeat. 
  • Or playing this app with Birdy, watching the "belch" option so much that we almost tip over from laughing.  "Make it burp AGAIN."  (It's free.  As burps should be.)
  • But what would be more fruitful is working on some stuff that's actually due.  Even though burping is fun.  So while I'm running almost entirely on residue from this morning's basin of coffee, I should buckle down.

What's on your mind?  The fate that has befallen the word "doughnut?"  Me, too.


what's on my mind is a beautiful , pink DOnut with sprinkles..........
thanks, Kerri

My mind. Greece, when my husband returns from Afghanistan. It's our 25th anniversary. And I'm up Waaaay late. Cuz it's hard to go to sleep w/out him. So I burn brain cells on the interweb, looking at villas, facebook, stupid news stories. And then, your blog. Thanks for posting fresh material. :)

I love when my blood sugar is 123 it is a fun number.

Favorite phrases in this post: "consonants and vowels held together by caffeine" and "internet mud."

Haha! The gym is always a great idea when one is procrastinating.

Coffee is your friend!

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