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Sometimes just waking up in the morning and thinking about breakfast is enough to give my blood sugar a boost.  

RISING!!!!  And stuff.

Oh blood sugars ... you are so sensitive.  And you hate when I think about Golden Grahams. 

(Just thinking about them, not eating!  But I can think about them, since they are so delicious and are easily the best cereal on the face of the planet and even when they get mushy from the milk, they are still excellent.  I can't remember the last time I had a bowl of Golden Grahams ... or when I dared to even have a box of them in the house, due to aforementioned tastiness.)


Wrong. Lucky Charms are the best.

Do you like the grain part of the cereal, too? Or just the marshmallows? (Green clovers were always my favorite.)

Heavenly hash!...oh how I miss you!...and what better way to start the day then with a bowl of ice cream!.....WOW!

This makes me want Corn Pops.

I must say, I agree w/ Abby, Lucky Charms!

I can so so relate to this post, and that trend line looks like a lot of hard work to me.

Thanks for sharing!


Each summer while on vacation with my young neices and nephews, I always allow myself one morning of cereal bliss. May they they never get to old for Captain Crunch...

Apple Jacks. How I love Apple Jacks.

My vote is peanut butter cheerios!

I, too, lust after Golden Grahams. I visit them at the grocery store and then tell myself I must move along. I have taken them home a couple of times for those low-blood sugar events. It never works out.

GOLDEN GRAHAMS, 1st PRIZE OVER HERE!! I miss them too!!

i miss cereal. especially fruity pebbles. and donuts.

I often spike like that too - doesn't matter what time it is, just that I'm waking up. I'm taking as a sign that my body absolutely protests having to wake up.

Cereal is the thing I miss most since my diagnosis... I used to have it all the time, but it kills my blood sugars do much that I pretty much avoid even having it in the house too! My favorite was Cinnamon Toast Crunch....

Honey Nut Cheerios are my fav & I really, REALLY want some right now. :)

Golden Grahams are delicious. BUT, you guys forgot about Chocolate Chex. I know, because otherwise you would have said they were your favorites. ;)

How about bowl of porridge with warm milk with added soft fruits.

cereal, really?
there are SO many other food items that would be worthy of a blood sugar surge,
like, french toast with syrup, chocolate chip pancakes, DOnuts,.....I'd better get on the treadmill, Way too much food for thought

raisen Bran with cream instead of milk... be still my heart!!

And why does this morning spike only happen on some mornings? Maybe I'm having diabetically inappropriate thoughts on those mornings when it spikes too.....

I also miss cereal, fruit loops are the best! I try to avoid the cereal isle. Too much temptation.

In my recent quest to make new and scintillating breakfasts for my kids, I stumbled upon the most amazing breakfast delight:
Two slices of challah, between which are melted chocolate and thin slices of apple, crimped around the edges, dipped in butter and fried.
Did I say most amazing ever??
Needless to say, I haven't made them again. They were too darn good!

Froot Loops. Nom nom nom...

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