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Not Even a Minute.

Not even a full minute after inserting this infusion set into my arm did a frigging door knob reach out and YOINK it off with such fanfare that it flew across the room.

Effing door knobs.

Infusion Set No. 2 on tap.  Along with a renewed hatred of door knobs.


I feel for you!

For me today it's door frames. I very nearly ripped my whole, brand new, OmniPod off my arm on a door frame today.

Honestly, for one that new, I would just thread the site back onto the needle and reshunk it. I've done that a few times. :)

http://www.etsy.com/shop/RyleesPocket?ref=shop_sugg - you'll love it!! Try it!! : )

Stupid, doorknob!!

Sorry Kerri.
Better an infusion set than a CGMS though. Door frames are attracted to my arms. :)

I've had to come to terms with the fact that it is mandatory for me to tuck my tubing awkwardly into my pants. Looks weird. Works great.

Sarah - how do I rethread it? I've never done that before!

In all the years I was on a tubed pump, that never happened to me! I think because I was so anal with how well I kept the tubing tucked. Sorry for your annoyance :(

I inject, but doorknobs hate that fact that I can listen to my music port-ably without sharing.

GAH!! I hate that. A special sensation that I could do without.

Ditto Kerri's question for Sarah: how DO you rethread them?

Same thing happened to me on Sunday night, except it wasn't doorknobs, it was a faulty pump clip! 2 infusion sets in under 10 minutes & I was ready to throw something!

Grr! What a shame! Look how pretty and clean that adhesive is!

If I notice my daughter's tubing showing (she's 7 and has an Animas) I'll say, " Door knob bait" and she'll look down and tuck it in:)

Though, at 7, she's usually too short for ACTUAL door knobs to get her...but cabinet door knobs can be just as nasty!

Got to love it when that happens. Last time that happened to me I stepped on it while putting on my jeans. I tore it right out onto the floor. Never a dull moment.

My oven door reaches out and attacks my pump tubing. Open the oven, out pops my set. Grr.

I'm wondering how to put my infusion set into my arm. Never done that before! Anyone a how-to?

He Kerri, Please understand that my comments are from a guy who has the ability to utilize multiple pockets. Outfits and shirts with pockets come in handy. First, changing lines and placing an inset in place after a shower helps. Wipe the area with alcohol. I use IV Prep and wait until it is sticky to the touch. After inserting the inset, placing tape over the inset helps to prevent the inset from "moving" and re-sticking myself. Makes for a bloddy mess! The final step is to rollup the extra tubing depending upon the pocket which will be used today and cover the rolled up tubing with IV3000. Next the clothes go over this setup and I slip the pump into the selected pocket with minimal tubing available. Be advised that accidents do occurr an th they are visiable by the flying IV3000 and the extra tubing. But!!!! the inset has not moved. Hope this helps and as always have a great day.

The door snags you and it feel like the room is saying, 'No please stay with me.'

More moments, accidentally buckling backpack around tubing, carabiner in the tubing, or just the awkward knots that can form.

Soon going to be writing a post about being off the pump for the first time in 5 years. Accidentally didn't bring enough medical supplies to study abroad in Denmark. Also, DAMN YOU MEDTRONIC you are not as international as you say you are!

I agree about using your arm for a site. I have no clue how you do that. Would love to see a blog post about that (with pictures)

I too would love to see a blog post on inventive pump spots - a kind of a, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" kind of thing... with infusion sets

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