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Fun With Injuries, Revised: Achilles Tendonitis.

Oh the HOTNESS!!!"Is this related to diabetes, or is this purely a running thing?"

I think the podiatrist guy could read my face, pleading for him to tell me this was simply a sports injury.

"I see a lot of runners coming in with this, especially those who are doing daily distance, and if you have even a mild pronation, Achilles tendonitis is very common."  He paused.  "And it's much more common in my diabetic patients, due to blood sugars and their effect on tendon health.  Have you had issues with tendonitis before?"

I thought back to just after Birdy was born.  "I had issues with my wrist after the birth of my daughter, so it's not a big surprise that I've wrecked up my ankle."

The podiatrist took x-rays to entirely rule out plantar faciitis, and then fitted me with an immobilization boot (which made me clomp around like a graceless dinosaur - yes, different from the dinosaurs you often see ice skating competitively). 

"The absolute best thing you can do is stay off of your foot, but with a little one at home, I'm sure that sounds impossible."

I nodded.

"So wear this boot as much as you can, just not when you're sleeping.  Put it on first thing in the morning and wear it continuously throughout the day.  Do not drive in it, though, because the point of it is to restrict your foot's movement.  You should take breaks and ice your ankle periodically, but then put the boot back on.  If you aren't feeling any percentage of relief after a few days, schedule a follow up appointment, as we may want to do an MRI to rule out a tendon tear."

And for once, I followed directions.  (I know.)  I sat around my house, mostly mobile, for a week, with this velcro-clompy boot strapped to my right foot.  After three days, I saw minimal approval, if any at all.  But after about a week and a half, my foot is finally back to being able to support my weight without forcing my body instantly into Leaning Tower mode.  And through the magic of over-the-counter support braces like this one, ibuprofen to keep the inflammation at bay, stretches, and good, old-fashioned laziness, I'm finally starting to see some real progress. 

Traveling over the weekend to the Las Vegas JDRF's Health & Hope Symposium was a little tricky, with all the walking around in the airport and standing up during the conference, but it's now Tuesday, and it's been almost three weeks since I woke up feeling like my ankle was made out of garbage.  I'm very grateful that the podiatrist was able to see me on such short notice (he got me in two days after posting this, which in HCP Availability Land, that's borderline magical), and that he suited me up with that crazy-ass space boot right away. 

Even though I've felt like a (five-toed?) sloth for the last few weeks, I'm more interested in mending this mess than making it a chronic thing.  (I have had my fill of "the chronic.")  I'm looking forward to getting back to running, but am wiling to take it slow in pursuit (ha?) of a full recovery. 


Ahhh those competitive ice skating dinosaurs always retire to the Barney on Ice Ice Capades, don't they? I totally relate to your asking the podiatrist if it's D related. Having broken various toes and my foot in a 3 year window, it is ALWAYS my 1st question to the podiatrist. The fact that my podiatrist happens to be a T1D too (and even longer than I have been) gives me such an incredible sense of relief. There is a sense of relief that he "get's it". It's so difficult to ask the D question because I may truly abhor the answer. Good for you taking the time to heal! Many wishes for your continued recovery Kerri. xo

Bummer. I bet your ability to be more graceful with the boot will increase with time.

...and I would really like to see a dinosaur attempt a triple toe loop!

I just did my second marathon on Sunday. And I'm pretty sure I have a case of peroneal tendonitis that started in training and decided to really come out during/after the marathon. Hate that we have the potential for slower healing of such things that already tend to heal slowly as it is.

I really got into running a couple of years ago and ran several half-marathons and a full marathon. It's addicting, however my body paid a price. I have several, lovely "chronic" injuries from my running days. My best advice would be to force yourself to crosstrain. Bike, swim, walk, whatever, just give your body a break from running.

Hang in there Kerri! Wishing you all the best, and speediest recovery!

Hang in there and glad to hear your foot is finely starting to feel better. Extend your running break a bit longer until it's completely healed~
Kelly K

I have been a diabetic over 30 years and for the last three years I suffered with an inflamed Achilles and did physio, the boot to immobilize it, even prolo therapy, (injection directly into the tendon) and nothing worked. Then one day I decided to go gluten free. After one week I was trotting up the stairs at work and noticed I had no pain what so ever! It was amazing, and I am walking and running without my limp and completely pain free! Just something you might try. It is also easy to stay slim too.

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