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Down the Stairs.

What, you didn't want to eat the glucose tabs sitting right there, on the bedside table?  WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?It was a weak alarm, but I still heard it.  I forgot to take the Dexcom receiver out of its case before I went to bed, so the vibrations weren't directly against the wooden nightstand, but the repeated BEEEEEEP!ing was enough to rouse me, after about fifteen minutes. 

"LOW BLOOD SUGAR UNDER 55 MG/DL GET THE HELL OUT OF BED" the screen screamed at me.

"Sure, yeah."  

I clicked my pump (aka 'my watch') to see what time it was - 2:32 am - and I tried to run my hand through my hair to get it out of my face, but my fingers ended up stuck in the mess of sweat-matted, tangled hair.

The lamp switched on after some fumbling, and I stood up gingerly, removing the brace from my foot (thank you, plantar faciitis) so I could walk.  The walls of my bedroom seemed like they were throbbing and pulsing, like I was standing inside of someone's beating heart.

My meter showed me a "34 mg/dL," like it was a prize I won for being so sweaty.

Despite the bottle of glucose tabs on my bedside table (open, and ready, but ignored), despite the sleeping and capable husband in our bed, and despite the fact that I was walking on a compromised and even-more-clumsy-than-usual foot, I decided to go down the stairs to get juice.


And despite the fact that I actually looked at the juice bottle to calculate (ha?) how many carbs would be in a glass, I still drank too much of it.  And then, fueled by adrenaline and bad decisions and the desire to not feel like the kitchen floor was made of shifting sand, I also grabbed a handful of gum drops from the bag in the fridge.Not smart.  Not even a little bit smart, especially because as I was chewing, I was calculating a correction bolus for the overtreat, but then forgot to dial it into my pump.  It was a perfect storm of bad decisions, with a brain slogging through hypoglycemia at the helm.

Such a strange hypoglycemic aftermath: put the juice glass in the dishwasher and then, for whatever reason, decide to finish loading the rest of the dirty dishes in and set the dishwasher to cycle, then go upstairs to blow dry my hair in an attempt to ward off the chills that were already setting in from too long in damp, low-sweaty clothes, then brush my teeth, then check on Birdy to make sure she's okay ... what prompts this routine?  Is this the way my body calms down after being jolted from sleep by panic?  

After about 45 minutes, I felt normal.  I saw 99 mg/dL and an arrow pointing up, so I figured I was safe.  

But the rest of the night was spent listening to the Dexcom BEEEEEEEEP! because my blood sugars were cruising up, up, and away, ready to greet me with a "HIGH!" in the morning. (That, and Siah was nose-to-nose with me this morning, which made me happy and grossed me out, all at once.)

I should have just stayed downstairs and started my day at 2:30 am, because there wasn't going to be any sleep after that moment, anyway.  Besides, there's someone always awake in the DOC, isn't there?  All hours of the day?  

* You don't keep a bag of gumdrops in the fridge?  Just me?  They were on sale at CVS. Happy Valentine's Day?  Go spare a rose instead.  Gumdrops are the devil's work.


I woke up at 2:32 this morning with a 47. My choice of low correction was gummy worms followed by 2 pecan sandies...I corrected a little for the over eating but still woke up at 185. Fun, fun. :)

You can catch me awake between about 1 am and 5 pm eastern time :)

shut up I was 41 at 2am! maybe something was in the air. This is why I keep the veggie/fruit juice boxes around - they're only 9g for 6oz so I feel good about it, but I don't over-treat.

And how the eff did you chew cold gumdrops? That seems dentally unsafe.

Glad you're ok.

what is up with this?
I too, was low @ 4 a.m.
After contemplating how to treat, my husband impatiently "encouraged" me to drink the juice box, and for dessert, eat a mint!
8 a.m. was 236.
(are we cutting back on carbs these days so we can eat the whole box of chocolates tomorrow, perhaps??)

Ick - that is rough.

I'm sure you're feeling like you were flattened by a bulldozer having been through all that.

Now to just find a nice straight line somewhere in the range...


I find it odd that you store your gumdrops in the fridge...but I eat kit kats out of the freezer, so... To each his own, I guess.

No problem with frozen kit-kats. How they should be, I say!

I hate 2-3 am hypos. I'm definitely most prone to over-sugaring up around then.

I was also up, LOW BATTERY alarm. But it was a quickie, and still scares the crap out of me.

Jason in Orlando

Me too. Up early. I have found that I turn off my high alarm at night. I just need my sleep! I've suggested to Dexcom that the put in times for alerts. Higher at night, and lower. Also during meetings, it'll be okay if I go over a bit, but don't tell that to my screaming pancreas! As everyone looks around to see who's cell phone is going off. --That would be, the person conducting the meeting! ;$

GET THE HELL OUT OF BED is a new alarm, I could certainly use that one. :P

I think you are touching upon something that we are all susceptible to when low. Our logical brain goes out the window. And it is usually the really bad lows. And when we are exhausted.

Yep, I was up:) My sweetie was 52 at 11:40...an hour and a half after going to bed at 156mg/dl. I stayed up til 3am kinda freaked out. Because...if it hadn't been for the Dexcom screaming at me I would not have checked her until 12:30 as is my routine (I keep alarms set for 12:30, 2, and 4...maybe a little over-protective:)...and how low would she have been by then? Also...there is an insane amount of powder in the QuickSticks packets to try and pour into a sleepy child's mouth. Works fine for daytime lows and she likes them, but I placed an order for Glucolift tabs while I was up:) We'll give those a try for nights. Smarties are the easiest for her so far.

I can imagine how hard it was to chew those gumdrops...kinda like skittles on the ski hill!
When we treat our daughters lows a night, we slip a straw in her mouth and she drinks in her sleep!

My low brain knows where all the Girl Scout cookies are kept. =P

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