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An Exercise in Short Letters.

Dear Blood Sugars,

You are behaving too well these days.  You're like a cat, waiting underneath the bed to grab my ankles.  Feel free to remain so dormant, but just know that I'm watching you.  With my face.

- Kerri.

*  *   *

Dear Lancet,

I changed you last week.  What else do you want from me? 

- Kerri.

*   *   *

Dear Pump Tubing,

Leave the doorknobs alone.  Seriously.  You don't have hands, and you can't turn the knob, so what is this?  The best you can do is double as a belt, after you're done doubling as insulin-delivery.

- Kerri.

*   *   *

Dear Logbook,

You don't exist.  I haven't kept a formal one of you in years.  How am I even writing to you when I don't even write in you?

- Kerri.

*   *   *

Dear Miles One and Two of a Run,

You are the hardest.  The ones that come after you're long gone are much easier, and much more fun, but you are the worst.  I hate you.  A lot.  Listening to Bombs over Baghdad helps a bit, but even Big Boi can't keep me from wanting to ditch the run and go for the chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge.

- Kerri.

*   *   * 

Dear Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in the Fridge,

I went running last night at 8:45 pm, and did several miles.  It felt really good.  I didn't think about you at all until I came home and saw you in the deli drawer, waiting for me.  Don't let my avoidance lull you into a false sense of security; I will eat you. 

- Kerri.

An oldie.  Not exactly a goodie.  Or is it goody?  Spelling suhckz.


This is hilarious. I want to write letters now too! :P

Re: your pump tubing...have you seen Rylee's Pocket? I'm madly in love with mine and want to order more... http://shop.ryleespocket.com/

The cookie dough? SO good!
[Things I Am Guilty Of: Making single-serving cookie dough. Just to eat.]

I love it, I too write letters to my diabetes. Keep up the fun and inspiring blog.

When I grow up I want to be clever like you. I wonder when that will happen...

I just found your blog today! I have had diabetes for 26 years also and have done well with it but just kinda feeling down right now. Having a lot of trouble with high sugars and needed to find some support! thank you i will start checking out your blog! sometimes i feel I dont have anyone that truly understands!!! :)

Mile 2 is THE. WORST. It's like what Tuesday would be if it were a mile.

I enjoyed these letters. I hope someone writes back.

Goodness, Kerri, you are so darn adorable! I love this post ... Well, I love all of your posts. I laughed when I read your letter to your pump tubing. Isn't that the truth! Thank goodness for very strong adhesive!

You are such a blessing and a joy, Kerri! Keep shining your wonderful light!

Warmest blessings always to your hubby, your precious daughter, and you.

All the best,

You absolutely slay me. In a really good way. :)

I've been under an extreme amount of stress lately due to the loss of my job after a plant shut down at my work. Surprisingly enough, my blood sugars seem to love the stress and I've been delightfully coloring inside the lines of my Dexcom. If only my brain would embrace this stress, I might enjoy these BG readings.

Dear Kerri: These are the best, and made my early morning brighter than any cup of coffee ever could. Very clever!

I love this! The lancet one...yeah. I don't know when I changed mine. That's probably not good, is it? :-)

lancet - you REALLY need to try the Accu-Check FastClix or MultiClix. I like the FastClix better b/c it is easier to use. Totally worth the $, even if insurance doesn't pay for it. No needles to touch (my favorite) and quick to change so you can click it to a new needle every day (or every few days like you!). :) Every girl needs to treat herself sometimes!!

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