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:: Head Explodes ::

 BLEEEEEECH.  Blech.(Or at least I wish it just WOULD already.)

I've never had a sinus infection before, but I've heard the rumors.  Some family members of mine have been plagued by this sort of this their whole life, and they describe the swollen head feeling with their hands almost touching their temples, as if connecting their fingertips to their head will ignite the switch.  Until yesterday, I was as empathetic as I could be, from my ivory tower of inexperience.

But hot damn (one), I've earned some stripes in the last 24 hours.

Something not unlike a brick has taken up residence behind my nose and eyes, surprising me when I look in the mirror and I don't see my eyes bugging out like a cartoon wolf.  With this comes a headache (no surprise) and a fever, and the stupid, head-shaking high blood sugars that require a 185% basal rate and some aggressive bolusing to bring back into some semblance of range.  This sinus brick plague also requires acetaminophen, rendering my Dexcom useless for the time being.  Trace ketones hung tight for the majority of the day, and overall it was a strange battle of hydration, sinus pressure relief, and blood sugar stalking.

Last night was the peak of my desperation.  The Vicks vapor salts or whatever they are called worked to relieve the pressure for a few minutes.  A steaming cup of tea provided ten minutes of proper breathing.  And a hot shower helped a little, but the effects were temporary.  What worked best was a short clip of cardio exercise.

"What are you doing?"  

"I'm going downstairs for like five minutes to use the ellipmachineI read online that it could clear my sinuses."

Despite the fact that it was 10:45 at night, Chris just nodded his head.  "Go for it."

And hot damn (that's two), it worked.  After a few minutes on the elliptical, the brick in my head shifted a bit and let me breathe like a human.  The benefits of exercise rear their arrogant heads once again.  (YAY!) 

I climbed into bed that night, armed with Kleenex and a humidifier and other assorted bits of hotness.

"If you wake up and I'm not here, don't be alarmed.  I might be downstairs on the elliptical," I said to Chris.

He laughed.  "Whatever it takes."

"Dude, I'll use that thing all night if it's the only way I am able to breathe."

This morning, the sinus pressure was significantly reduced, the ketones were MIA, and I'm hoping this means I'm on the road to having a brickless-head.  The faster this mess mends, the sooner I can put my Dexcom back on and reassign my workouts to normal hours of the day.

Hot damn.


Glad you're feeling better Kerri! Try using a Netti Pot for your sinuses...this seems to help me. Also, would Ibprofin help instead of acetaminophen? It does not affect my Dexcom.

Another thing to do is put Vicks vapor rub on your feet and cover them with socks. I know it sounds totally weird, but I'm telling you, IT WORKS! :) Feel better soon.

And the power of exercise strikes again. Pumped you found a solution--even if slightly unconventional ;). Good Things all around! :]

Feel better, lovely!

I used to get sinus infections 4-5 times a year. They did all sorts of tests to find the cause and luckily it was just my allergies and not some kind of polyp or something. Thankfully putting me on a new allergy medicine daily and year round has kept the infections to a minimum. Sinus infections are the worst. They really make you want to cut your head off! I'm glad you found some relief & hope it continues to improve!

The thing I've found that works best and requires little effort is hot and sour soup from a Chinese restaurant. Very little if any carbs and so spicy your sinuses instantly drain. (Have tissues at hand!)

Curry works well also :)

Hubby was a skeptic but one of these last year forced him to try a neti pot for the first time. Now he swears by it. I haven't tried it myself yet, but it was night & day for him...

So maybe next time hang out at Target when you're high, works every time ;)

Man, you are SO lucky to have escaped most of your life without a sinus infection. They are a pain, as you now know. This is a weird old wives tale that I use sometimes. Put Vick's on the bottom of your feet & put on socks before you go to bed. It's supposed to help. I've done it a few times. Sometimes it helps. If it doesn't, at least you have soft feet. :)

Oh man, that sucks. Hope you feel (all the way) better soon!

Neti Pot... It's hot damn gross, but it will help even more... I swear by it - minus sinus infections for about 5 years now with the use of a neti pot!

The neti pot is tricky to use, but there is a much easier method that will help to loosen things up. My mom has struggled with sinus infections for years and always tells me to steam my head when i am sick or have a sinus headache. Boil water, pour into a big bowl, and then tent a towel over your head and inhale at a safe distance from water. It helps break up the stuff in the blocked sinus cavities. If you add a few drops of eucalyptus oil you will feel like you are at a Nordic Spa, and you will have the anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits too! Try it! Keep tissues handy. Feel better soon!

For overnight help, I LOVE those Breathe Right strips. I used them throughout my ENTIRE last pregnancy and whenever I have a sinus infection (like now). You can even get some that are mentholated. FAB!

Ugh I hate sinus infections. I get one, sometimes two, a year and they suck big time. The only thing that helps me in the least bit is a Z-pack Rx. Hope you start feeling better soon!

Try (or have your hubby) rub vapor rub on your feet and put on socks. You will sleep like a baby. Try it once... I swear by it!!

ever tried sriracha sauce?
hot ,spicy foods usually work for me
but beware, if it doesn't work, you'll still have sinus problems, in addition to your mouth being on fire

Aww Kerri....once again you brought laughter to my day :) hope you sleep well tonight....you are sheer joy! :D

It has been suggested above about the neti pot, but I will recommend it again. Even the little squeeze bottle neti works well. I was glad to see you were checking for ketones! My T1 daughter just got over the flu not covered by the flu shot, and she had some ketones that we were able to deal with at home. First time for us, I was scared. I think it was the fever she had. Way to take care of yourself though! Hope you feel better soon!

Breathe Right strips and neti pot! A neti pot isn't hard to use. I like this YouTube demonstration video:


Speedy healing!

Sinus Infections are uncool. After years of going to the Dr. and not finding the cause I went to an ENT who said I should get my tonsils out. I did and it has been going well so far. The Neti Pot is a great thing ans well worth it.

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