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Insulindependence: Watch This.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube, but there are few that give me goosebumps.  And watching these kids making the most of their lives - diabetes be damned! - gave me some serious goosebumps. 

Exercise is important for everyone, but as people living with diabetes, it can be the key to our longevity and best health.  I firmly believe that Insulindependence, and any efforts that inspire and help people to get up and MOVE, are as important as insulin.

If you haven't checked out Insulindependence yet, DO.  They're currently recruiting for Junior Captains, but if you're interested in becoming a Captain or Chapter Chairperson, there's info for you, too.

(And in completely unrelated news, happy birthday, Larry Bird!)


Thank you so much for sharing, Kerri. Our family can't wait to share more great times with our Insulindependence family. But more importantly, the more, the merrier!

I could not agree more.

All the more power to Insulindependence and all it's members.

Keep moving

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