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World Diabetes Day 2012.

Diabetes is not something I celebrate.  I'm not happy to have it, and if given the opportunity to shove it back from whence it came, I would totally do that.

But the people I've met through diabetes-related events?  The people who share inspiring stories and belly laughs and cups of coffee and tears and who are instant kindred spirits in a world where so many people don't understand what diabetes even is?  

I celebrate the people, not the disease.  Because the people are truly amazing.

Diabetes in OZ!

Happy World Diabetes Day!


Great job Kerri! Happy #WDD to you. xo

Lovely message about celebrating the people not the disease. I believe that to be very true!

I truly enjoy the use of whence.

I'm so thankful for all of the laughs and stories and coffee (!!!! yay coffee !!!!) and even tears we have shared. I'm so thankful for your friendship. Happy WDD to you!

Well said!! Feeling very connected today! Love it. Did not however love the hypo I had earlier this evening. Boo.

Despite the hassle, diabetes has been a great friend-maker and (in my youth) an excuse to stay at the greatest camp of all time (shout out to Crestfield!). So thank you, diabetes, at least for that.

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