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Dear Birdy Bird,

We have actual conversations now.  They're usually strange and scattered, but they're real, and you are happy to communicate every fledgling thought in your head these days.  And since you're two and a half years old now, it's like watching a circus troupe unpack.

"We should go to the store and buy some eggs so we can boil them and eat the hard-boiled eggies and then we can paint a picture of the eggs in our belly because THAT'S WHERE THEY WILL BEEEEEEEEEE!!"  

(You speak in all caps as often as you can, usually ending your sentences with some kind of ASSERTION!)

I do enjoy listening to you learn the language as you muddle through all the words you hear throughout the day.  Like when I told you, while tickling you, that you were so smart that you were a genius!  This word stopped you cold, as you deliberated.

"But I didn't grant any wishes.  I'm not a genius."


While our conversations are sweet and entertaining, your tantrums are NOT.  (All caps on that one, too.)  Your favorite phrase to scream, while fussing in public, is "Don't take me!!!"  Which is great, because it makes me look like I'm abducting my own kid.  "I'm not taking you; I'm your mother."  "No, don't take me don't take me!!!!"  And this is when people start to stare, wondering if they should alert the police.

Even though every parent probably says this about their kid, I marvel at how quickly you're growing up.  You are so independent and stubborn (yes, I realize I'm as much to blame for that as your father is for your pretty brown eyes), and making sense of the world as you go.  You used to be my little baby bird with the chubby legs, and now you're this lanky little thing who wants to learn how to knit.  (Which, to you, means stabbing a skein of yarn with knitting needles until you've morphed the ball into a satisfying and un-fixable knot.) 

And next week, you start "school" (aka "daycare"), which is a direct response to your requests for a brother (and in my desperate attempt to hit deadlines more often):

"I want oatmeal, Mama."  Pause.  "And a bruffa."

"I'll make you some oatmeal, lovey.  And how about we start school, yeah?"

Watching you become this funny little creature has been the most entertaining, unpredictable experience I'll ever know.  And even when you make it seem like I'm abducting you ("Don't take me!!!"), you crack me up, and I love you bunches. 

Your Mom


You kid cracks me up SO much! :)

Birdy in a bag reminds me of a cat in a bag. Hilarious!

Why do our littles have to grow up so quickly?

Happy holidays to the Sparlings.

Birdy's so adorable, Kerri, and I love your monthly posts giving us a peek at watching her grow up!!

Good thing she looks like you, I guess.
She sounds precocious.

I love your letters to Birdy. So, so sweet.

And you, stubborn? I never would have guessed. ;)

Oh Em Gee!!! If I could afford it, I'd move up there & be her nanny. Just to watch that cuteness in person.

I had to send a link for this blog to my Mommy. My brother's favorite thing to yet during a public tantrum was "Mommy, please don't beat me anymore!" Even though I'm only 4 years older than he is, I remember seeing my Mommy struggle not to laugh.

Mommy says by comparison, I was a much more boring tantrum-thrower. If she just looked at me crossly while I was winding up, I would immediately stop & do something silly because "Mommy no be mad at me". She says I'm the reason her wrinkles are all laugh lines & no frown lines. :)

No more toys for that kid!

And I think she may be spending a little too much time with Siah. ;)

My friend's son used to yell, "I want my mommy!"...while he was with his mom. That got some looks.

Precious! Love the oatmeal and brudda in same sentence. :)And oh my how she have grown!
Tantrums you are not alone. Our daughter had one front of Target recently. And she said that she thinks I am a great mom at bedtime the day gave her timeout/her tantrum. You are doing awesome! Bring tissues the day of preschool. It is a milestone. They will have fun and prepare to clear out a wall. They will bring more fun art. The day Megan started preschool. I was sentimental and our son said 'don't worry mom. She will have lots of fun (like he did at same preschool) :)

SO cute and precious Kerri

Still going to write something for your blog one of these days! We have come so far since Kylee was dxd over 6 years ago...

Blessings to you always

My sister used to randomly yell "She/He hit me!!!" in public. There was usually no accompanying tantrum (though she threw plenty of those).

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