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Storm Aftermath.

We watched the storm through social media channels while it swirled outside.  The photos on Twitter and Facebook were devastating and amazing, all at once (except the one about the shark - which is FakeTown the Clown).  What we experienced at our house was mild, especially when compared to the chaos just a few miles down the road (where the seawall was breached and the roads became rivers, not to mention the destruction that took place at my father's home, where several gigantic trees went roots-up).  We're grateful that we were not in the direct path of this superstorm's strongest arm, and our thoughts are with those who were.

Hurricanes are serious business.  As a proper New Englander, I've seen several in my lifetime, and the destruction they leave in their wake is more than just grabbing a rake and cleaning up the yard debris.  And for people with diabetes, there could be the destruction of insulin or test strip supplies in addition to all the other chaos. 

If you can, place make charitable donations through the Red Cross or other disaster-relief organizations.  Even though the actual storm has passed, there are still so many people weathering it. 


I was recently at a meeting for Type 1s where someone didn't know about Frio insulin pouches. Being prepared after a storm is unfortunate, but if you were caught in the storm, were you prepared, and what did you do? I think folks in the Mid-West and South are generally more accustomed to preparing for natural disasters, while us folk in the East and West are generally less used to it.

Tips for us PWDs from our brothers/sisters nationwide on what to carry/store for storms?

the news here in the midwest is showing much damage and devastation out there, a lot in N.J.
glad you and yours are ok

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