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With Kid In Tow.

My numbers run best when I'm in some kind of groove (most often found in the heart), even if my schedule isn't exactly predictable.  The groove applies to exercise as well, so even when I'm traveling, I have to find time to run around a little bit, be it at the hotel gym (with my favorite diabetes conference #sweatabetes partner, Scott), or getting out and exploring wherever I happen to be.  My diabetes nonsense seems to align more smoothly when I'm exercising regularly. 

Trouble is, when I'm in the normal ebb and flow of Stuff At Home, the gym is my main source of exercise.  (Or working out with the ellipmachine at home, but Birdy goes to bed so late now that by the time she's asleep, I'm close to snooze myself.)  For days when Chris is under deadline and busy all day long, getting to the gym can be tricky.  So I've been exploring ways of exercising with Birdy in tow.


This is our new adventure:  pulling my little Bird behind me as I tackle the local bicycle trails.  We picked up an InStep trailer (not cheap) and gave it a go for the first time yesterday.  It was some added weight (Birdy weighs just a hair under 25 lbs and the trailer itself is about 30 pounds), but on the reasonably flat Rhode Island landscape, the extra baggage wasn't too much to manage. 

And holy crap, was it fun to listen to her talk about the landscape as it whizzed by.  "Oh, trees!  I saw a tree, Mama!  And a rock!  Two rocks!  Three rocks!  One more three rocks!" 

"You mean four rocks, Birdy?" 

"Yes, four!  Now fives!"

When I started the ride, I was at 168 mg/dL, which was high enough for me to feel comfortable exercising, but not so high that I felt like I was wearing lead boots.  Birdy sat in the trailer with my backpack, with the Dexcom receiver sitting in the front zipper pocket.

"Mama?  Your Dexcom has beeps!"

"It's beeping?"

"Yeah.  Like this:  Beeeeeep!"

"It's okay.  It might beep a little bit."  My high alarm is set at 160, so I knew it was beeping because I was cresting around that number.

About 30 minutes into our ride (her "ride," my "pull"), I stopped to check my blood sugar - 115 mg/dL.

"This so fun, you know," Birdy said, nodding as I took a swig of Gatorade.

And she was right - it was so fun.  I liked being able to fit in some proper activity without having to find baby-sitter, and I really liked having my daughter along for the ride.  Eventually, once she's big enough to ride her own bike, we'll tackle the trails together.  But for now, I'll carry her safely, listening to her exclaim happily from her trailer, "I see peoples, Mama!  More peoples on bicycles with their helmets!!  For safety!!!"

Exclamation point!


Great post! Love her "peoples watching!".

Hey Kerri - very cool! One tip that may help because that's going to be a workout. You can pickup a pair of tires with smooth tread for the road vs. the knobby ones you have for offroad. This will make the riding a little easier on you unless you're taking Birdy through the woods. If that's the case, carry on.

I love the bike trailer. I pull my two kids, one 60 pounds and the other 38 pounds- that is a work out in itself! I love that they can be outside with me.
I like it too because I can keep extra water, snacks and all my daughter's diabetes supplies right in the trailer too. Hope you and the little bird have many more fun rides together.
The best is when you have been pulling them(her) for weeks and then take the trailer off, I feel I like I can go so fast then!!

We had one of those for my 2 when they were little - such fun to go places and great for carrying all the extra paraphernalia one needs with little ones and Diabetes. Wait 'til she starts singing!!! Have fun!!

I love BSparl. Your daughter is one cute little lady :)

Hmmmmm. Better be careful Kerri. Bicycling can be addictive. The Tour de Cure could be in your future.

I have always loved cycling - and just over five years ago I got my family involved. With my daughter just diagnosed (about six years ago) and me (28 years ago) - we formed Team Tegan and Her Daddy. We pushed the limits and rode the 26 mile ride here in Portland, OR this year. For Tegan (12) and Connor (9) - it was quite the effort.

We are already looking forward to next year. Lots of training rides ahead!

I don't know if it's your masterful storytelling abilities, or the Bird's utter cuteness, but this story really makes me want to have kids of my own. I am super proud of you for fighting to make exercise a part of your life--when so many moms succumb to the excuse of "I'm busy." Go you! And you're setting an AWESOME example for your little adventurous whiz kid, which is even better.

Kerri, you realize that it will only be a short time before she wants to be on a bike of her own, right? Love the trailer... it's good that you're both getting out while there's still so much great weather left!

Charming! Happy trails to you!

perfect ! ..... fun, and exercise
maybe all the fresh air will get Bird to take more naps, or go to bed earlier at night

All three of our (now adult) children have ridden in a bugger cart. We purchased our first one in 1975 and really enjoyed all the rides. Best of luck to both of you as you exercise!

that is awesome!

So adorable!!!

Your daughter is the bomb dot com!!!

We loved our trailer! Now, T1 daughter is almost 5 and we got a "Trail-a-Bike." (not cheap) We love that, too! One thing, though, respectfully... helmet for Birdie even in the trailer? Never know what may cross your path... Ride on!

I say this as a single woman with no children of her own & having spent some time living with an active niece, but still not her main caregiver...

I think taking Birdy along EVERYWHERE would make things fun. Can I borrow her for work? I have a grumpy co-worker that could use some of Birdy's smiles. :)

My goodness, I love this. :] For the record, I can't wait to see Birdy on a bike. With a helmet, for safety[!!!!], of course![!!!!]

So awesome.

For those who asked about the helmet: Birdy LOVES her helmet. Wears it all the time, and insists that I wear mine, too. We're covered!! xo

Forgive me, because I know everyone hates parenting advice as much as I do. But I will tell you-I read "the 7 o'clock bedtime" and it changed my life! We couldn't make it to bed at 7, but we established an 8 p.m. bedtime for the girls when they were toddlers and it was wonderful! They are now 16 and 13 and still go to bed by 9. They are well rested, perform well in school, and very healthy little ones. Our doc swears the sleep helps them immeasurably and it helps MOM! Love your website and all your information, it's so valuable to me and my little type one!

Jill - I am with you on the bedtime thing (except I've never read a single parenting book, and I don't plan to). ;) Birdy's bedtime used to be 6:30. Now it's 8:00 - 8:30. Which pushes evening workouts to 9 pm. Which is so late that I then worry about nighttime lows post-exercise. So don't worry - she's getting plenty of sleep! (I'm not, though.)

It's a little bit of a drive but birdy will love it: ride the Cape Cod Canal some day. It's flat, smooth and safe and LOTS of fun things to look at -- if you time it right you can even see the railroad bridge go up and then down ... also the cape rail trails are awesome. Why don't we meet up some day for a bike ride?

BAM! Sweatabetes for the win, yo!

I've never tried the bike pulling thing, but I did once pull both of mine in an inflatable raft behind my kayak. That happened once and I decided it was way too much work.

We just moved from SC to Providence and moderate is not how I see these hills. I guess I have some more training to do! The streets of the east side are brutal.Have fun out there!

Good for you, getting time in for exercise when you're a mom with Type 1. I have two young kids in the early years of elementary school and work full-time -- it's a challenge even when you don't have type 1 (which I've had for more than two years now).

More power to you, sister!

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