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Sleepless in Rhode Island.


  • I could faceplant with exhaustion onto my keyboard, smushing my nose right against the F.
  • Because Birdface woke up at 3 am this morning, and when Chris went down to check on her, she was insistent on visiting mommy.  "I want to go upstairs and see Mommy in her bed!"  Yay?  So up she came, and spent a few hours as the connecting middle bar to our Sparling capital H.  Sleep was hard to come by last night, and I think I was kicked in the face a few times. 
  • Which means that today everything has that strange, foggy sheen to it, where you know you should just close your damn eyes but you don't because you're a workaholic and scared of your inbox.
  • That, and my dreams keep including weird things, like the one where I was stuck in a bowl of rice (?) and the other one where I kept dreaming I was dreaming, which made me nervous that the kick wasn't ever coming.
  • I'm on a short pump vacation this week, and making use of insulin pens while my pump sits quiet for a few days.  I've been trying out the Timesulin pen cap, which is so clever in its simplicity - once you uncap the pen to take a bolus, the timer on the cap starts up upon recapping.  It keeps track of how long it's been since you bolused (or at least since you uncapped.)  More on this thing later, but it is interesting to have a ticking clock on my insulin pen.  Makes me feel like I'm carrying something that needs to have the blue wire cut.  (No, cut the red wire!)
  • It's weird not wearing the pump.  I miss it for bolusing and convenience, but it's nice not having my workout pants affected by the extra gravity while running.  (Read:  Pump try to pants you.)  I'm enjoying the break, but I'll also enjoy reconnecting.  It's good to have breathing room sometimes, though.
  • Huh.  "Pants" is a British slang term for something that sort of sucks.  Urban Dictionary, you teach me so much.
  • My Spotify playlists are riddled with chaos at the moment, but the new album from Alexander Wolfe (particularly the track "Fangs") is so lovely.  And I'm really into Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe from Whale.  Because those two songs go together like peanut butter and ... ham.  
  • I really don't like ham. 
  • I'm most of the way through this cup of coffee but it's not having the effect on my synapses that I really need right now.  The eff.
  • I've been reading some posts from fellow Rhode Islanders about test strip woes (see Katy and Ryan), and had my own experience with test strip allowances this week when I picked up some prescriptions from the pharmacy.  For some reason, my insurance will only cover a 20 day supply of test strips.  Which is weird, because even my birth control pills acknowledge that a month is at least 28 days long.  
  • The science of burping is important.
  • This is the greatest episode of Mister Rogers EVER.  Watching the crayons collate is oddly soothing.  
  • Time for more coffee.  Like a basin-full. 



1) Last night I dreamed that I was doing the Ride to Cure and all of a sudden Sean PUSHED Me off my bike. Like -- out of NO WHERE. I woke up and he said "you were snoring." yeah =- he had pushed me.

2) I want to get lauren the ticking thing! Where?? How??

3) You're funny.

Wow! I thought that I was the only one that got shorted test strips. I finally gave up fighting with them and switched to a cheaper strip that they won't pay for at all, but the out of pocket for them is less than the co-pay for the brand name strips they insist that I use. Now I tell them that my doctor and I are just fine with the cheap strips, eff off. But then, I'm T2. It may be different for T1's. We don't test as often and don't medicate for highs.

Test strip quantity limits must be on all our brains today. I just finished spending over 30 minutes on the phone, but the end result was a positive one. I can now get coverage for 800 strips/90 days. That equals 8-9 tests/day. I will never understand how anyone thinks testing less than 4 times/day for a T1D is enough!!! DexCom sucks up 2 alone on a calibration day. God speed to each of us on our insurance journeys. It never ends...

you are so dang hilarious!

I hope we covered sleep geometry in BSparl by Dummies. Kid physics clearly states that it is impossible for a kid to climb in Mom & Dad's bed paralleled. Perpendicular is the only possible option.

Im not a fan of ham.

Truly my favorite Mr. Rogers Ever!

I could live on ham alone.

Well, I'd need water because I get so thirsty!

This list really cracked me up today. I felt like I was getting a picture right inside your brain :)

Mr. Rogers was & is the effing man! :D

My pump totally tried to pants me at the gym today...

Four year old (almost five!) has been making the sleep Capital H in our bed now for his whole life.

I am SO tired.

I think that Timesulin looks awesome, can't wait to hear the report.

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