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Labo(u)r Day.

It's Labor Day!  Today is the day after which people are threatened for wearing white pants (or at least in New England), and when people spend time with their families, enjoying the last few moments of summer.

Kid has inherited my carousel GLEE!!!!!

Which is why I wanted to share a few links to bits and bobs in the blogosphere, then go outside.  Bullets?  Yup.

And lastly, my thoughts are with Meri Schuhmacher and her family today as they grapple with the cruelty of cancer.  It's strange, how the passing of someone you've never met can break your heart.  Please give Meri and her family any support that you can.  And as you think of Meri and her family, please hug your own crew close.


The non invasive CGM is certainly an interesting step, but more importantly, my top sandwich was goats cheese salad with very tasty bread (which I massively over bolused for, but let's not go there)

I'm going to have nightmares about Terry Crews tonight. LOL.

The insulin memes are HIGH-LARIOUS by the way!

Thanks so much for the mention, Kerri! :)

Read an early review of the C8, non-invasive CGM, some time in the last year. It certainly appears less expensive although the article I read said it burns through batteries rapidly so that would be an added expense. Cost of CGM and insulin pump are out of my range at present. One of the attractions of the C8 was that, because of its non-invasiveness, it could be put on and taken off easily. Since I live alone, being able to use it only at night would be great. If it weren’t for my great and powerful pug, I might have slept right through to my next life one night but he fiercely insisted I get up to find my super-low blood glucose.

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