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Diabetes Art Day 2012: Late.

We're late in posting for Diabetes Art Day, but we were waiting for the glue stick to dry.  ;)

This year, Birdy helped by setting the stage.  I asked her to paint me an ocean (the first line of "waves" is mine, but then she took the brush and did her thing) so I could float a test strip boat in there.  "Okay, mama.  And we need fish.  Red fish."  She swirled the brush in the red paint and added some fish blotches.  "And some ocean waves for the boat for ocean waves boats." 

For ocean waves boats.  Of course. 

Diabetes is a raging sea.  But technology and community keep me afloat. 


So cute, and so true.

It is beautiful! And I love the description! Here's hoping for smoother sailing!

I LOVE it!!! :)

Testing the waters

That boat is golden! *ba dum tiss*

beautiful! :)

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