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Diabetes Art Day!!!

YAY!  Art!

Today is Diabetes Art Day (endless thanks to art therapist Lee Ann Thill for bringing this brainchild to the community), and the diabetes online community is getting their art on.  You can check out the submissions on the Diabetes Art Day website, and submit your own piece

(And once I get home to Rhodizzy ... er, I mean Rhode Island, I'll be able to upload my mess.  Can't wait to share what Birdy and I created!)


Now that I know about it, I'll put the new February date on my calendar so that I'll have something to submit.
type 1 since 1955

I submitted mine this morning, and I can't wait to see yours!

Thank you for being an inspiration for this project. As an artist I am always looking for new ideas and I had so much fun creating this piece.

Will you post it here too?

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