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"What Are You DOING?!"

While I was away last week, the first flight, from Providence to Chicago, was very turbulent and bumpy, so my blood sugar did some tumbles while my anxiety levels were up around 37,000 feet.  My Dexcom graph showed me heading back into range after landing, but by the time I boarded my connection flight, it was starting to rise a little bit again.  I needed to spot check and see where things were at.

Since my row was filled in already and everyone was buckled in, and the plane was still being boarded, I reached into my bag to retrieve my meter for a quick check.  I was a little oblivious, with Spotify (Beastie Boys, Ch-Check It Out) streaming in through my headphones, so I wasn't much paying attention to my fellow passengers until I felt the eyes of the teenage girl across the aisle, staring at me.


On diabetes auto-pilot, I slid the test strip into the top of my meter and pulled an earbud out of my ear so I could hear her better.


"Your iPod is really cool."

"What's that?"  I said, deftly lancing my fingertip out of sight.

"Your iPod?  I really like your iPod.  I've never seen one with an antennae like that and ... WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR IPOD?"  Her eyebrows shot up into her hairline and her mouth made this horrified little O as I brought the blood drop up to the test strip, stuck into what she thought was the source of my tunes.

"Oh, it's not an iPod! It's a glucose meter.  I'm sorry!"  

She laughed.  "For diabetes?  Got it.  Not for iTunes.  I'm sorry I freaked out."  She gave me a rueful grin.  "Carry on."

It's not an iPod.  Or a tumor.  It's a glucose meter, fool.
My Verio IQ glucose meter ... not an iPod.


I've never seen one of those before, and it looks a LOT like my ipod classic!

I am interested to hear how the Verio meter has been working for you the past few months.

Plan on sticking with it?

Anything that makes you long for the days of water rinsing and blotting test strips?

My current One Touch Ultra Smart is close to seven years old now. It still works great (best of the four meters I've had in the past 28 years).

But new and flashy is always cool, as long as the numbers are good.

When I showed the Verio IQ to one of my coworkers; he asked if I could watch TV on it... the meter is really cool... but unfortunatly the strips are non preferred for my insurance and I cannot swing a $70 copay.... when regular one touch blue strips are $0 copay.

Are you going to try the meter for the iPhone, speaking of Apple?

Before I got it, I thought the Verio was about the size (and weight) of my first iPod. Love that it is actually smaller and lighter!

Love the purple today too!

Oh, it's the new vampire ipod. It runs on blood. You never have to plug it in. ;0)

Getting a Rx from my endo today for this little gem! ;-)

Just got one of these in the mail today! Excited to try it out and hoping the numbers are good. My last OneTouch ran a little on the high side compared to other meters.

um...you sure it's not a ipod...my "ipod" (bg meter) plays music by the beeeps ;)

It drives me nuts when people think my pump/meter is an iPod... like, you ever see an iPod with 4 buttons a crappy little screen?

"vampire phone that runs on blood,"
that's hilarious, Lisa !

I meant ipod, not phone................
still funny

Yes , the meter does look like an iPod... And I'd so totally call it a Vampire iPod that runs on blood!

Oh, I like that thing! I also like the telcare meter things. Do you use your one touch ping, though? I'm getting one this summer, so I was just wondering... :)
PS love the vampire ipod thing

Love this blog!

Does the Verio have radio capacity for Ping pump remote bolusing?


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