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In keeping with the theme from last week ...

I like to bake.  It's the only culinary task I have any prowess in, and Birdy often requests "Cupcakes, mama?" by opening up the cupboard with all the baking pans in it.  (She's aware that they're the only pans I know how to use.)

But I hate baking, mainly because I don't ever taste the results and I'm challenged by the excess of cream cheese frosting in my house that I avoid, in a roundabout way, like Billy from Family Circus as he plods through the neighborhood, trailed by dotted lines.  (I did not like Billy.  Kid never took a direct flight in his life, I'd imagine.)  But I do love baking with my daughter, and watching her eat her cupcakes with a fork never fails to make me smile.

Which is why I'm secretly thankful for the teeny cupcake pan.  About one-third the size of regular cupcakes, the teeny cupcakes are just wee enough to provide a bite without packing a punch.  Birdy can gobble one up without making me feel guilty, and if I cave and eat one, the blood sugar backlash is minimal.  

Little cupcakes rule

Teeny cupcakes rule.

(And no, I haven't figured out how to fill the cupcake tins without having those weird, toasted connector stripes.  I'm messy.)


Very cute! I use measuring spoons to fill the cupcake pans...

My cooking skills are also limited to baking.

Feeling stupid as I never thought to use mini muffin pans for cupcakes, just muffins. DUH! Better for my dd's blood sugar and better for my WW weigh in!

I think it's great that you've figured out how to bake with your daughter without the guilt. She will remember those times....forever!

I'm also ridiculously pleased to see your "toasted connector stripes." I always feel awful when I see pictures of muffins/cupcakes/whatever that are pristine, like I'm lacking in something. Messy bakers unite!

I love tiny pastries, they're awesome for blood sugars while still being delicious and "bad for you." I use an ice cream scoop for cupcakes and muffins usually. It creates minimal mess as long as you scrape the bottom on your mixing bowl.

My cooking skills are limited to baking, using the microwave, and making toast. I'm quite the culinary wizard...

I love cupcakes! I have a food scale with nutrition facts and a custom setting, so I added cupcakes. This helps my blood sugar a lot :) But I'm messy too and my mom usually asks, "what's this huge mess?" I should go bake... Thanks for the inspiration!

I have an ice cream scoops that is just the right size for cookies and mini muffins, and another larger one for cupcakes. :)

Those look amazing! And that is such a great idea! :)

HA! I thought I was the only person who couldn't pour cake batter into cups without spilling most of it.

I'm messy too. Doesn't matter if I use measuring cups with spouts, pipe bags etc... You can never escape the connector crispies.

I would like to know how you manage to eat just one. THAT, I am in awe of.

I use cookie scoops to fill my cup cakes. The smallest ones are good for mini-cakes, and the largest are great for regular size cupcakes.

I use measuring cups to fill my cupcake pans. Also, you haven't lived until you've made brownies in those tiny pans. :)

Protip for filling cupcake tins: Use an icecream scoop!

Measuring cup with a spout! Or really any cup with a spout! But now I see all these ice cream scoop comments and I am really going to have to try that! But seriously, I think the mess is the best part!! It is a sign that you had fun making them and you weren't slaving over how they look. Besides... they only look good for a minute until they're all eaten! :)

i like eating all kinds of tiny foods, because it makes me feel like a giant. have you seen those teeny tobasco bottles? LOVE THEM.

I've had tasty results baking cup cakes with xylitol.

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